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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Latinos are now the majority in California - here

Some folks say we should run them out of there.

I agree.

But let them complete the task of killing all the Reds and stupid Whites in the state, first.

Two birds, one stone.  Economy of motion.  Efficiency.


  1. Bracken was/is spot on with this shit. We are over the falls and across the rubicon.

    Broken-Arrow, I say again, Broken-Arrow.

  2. only one small adjustment to the map... but it is an important distinction. the line through southern Nevada and northern Arizona needs to move southward somewhat. Here's why... lots of retired/former military in the Vegas/Boulder City A.O.; and almost all of 'em think like me. (read: 'uh oh' for those you mention as needing 'encouragement' to vacate the area) and in northern Arizona, the tribes ('real' ones...) do NOT like the folks from south of the border at all - and let off the rez (and off the chain...) will forcefully evict them. (they aren't to fond of us 'fine hair' folks either, but they've learned patience...and one thing at a time... "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" for now... the desert is a big place, folks get lost all the time. The Reds, and their border brethren; won't like what's on the way. Gang members of any stripe will not enjoy the excitement when it's time for them to go... hint: rattling a sword makes noise, drawing one does not. It's been "them" making noise, our response will start with a whisper...
    stormfriend sends


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