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Friday, July 17, 2015


The story in a nutshell: Guy in Rocky Mount NC (whence my paternal lineage hails) hoisted many Battle Flags in the wake of Columbia.

Now he is behind bars, on some sort of probation violation.

2 Points: 

1) Do not make it easy for them to justify their actions.  If you are on paper, and you act out, do not give them an 'easy' violation for which they can tag you.

2) Whether or not this guy actually 'gave them an easy violation' is far from certain.

My personal 2 cents: If it were possible to know every conversation surrounding this issue, I'd bet my balls that someone, somewhere, said something to the effect "He's a rabblerouser - find a reason to lock him up."

I can't prove it.  But I'd bet.

So if you are going to rabblerouse in this iteration of America - be ready to defend yourself from political incarceration.  I learned this the hard way.  Don't make the same mistake.

I won't make it twice...


  1. I say you would win your bet-I know for a fact that cops tell PO's to find a reason to violate this guy-or lady.
    This was over 10 years ago,but I overheard a phone conversation while sitting in a PO's office.
    What I overheard was this- "find a reason to lock this guy up-no matter what-just make it happen."
    The PO then admitted to me that someone from the sheriff's office told him to violate the guy.
    That is wrong on many levels-but it's a fact,cops tel PO's to lock guys up all the time.
    Anyone who is on paper,be it probation or parole,needs to just lay low 'till you have the paperwork in your hands that states you have been released from parole or probation.
    Then you need to continue to lay low for at least a couple years-after that,you can get your gun rights back in most states.
    The procedure varies,as long as you're not in occupied territory like NY, or Conn,or CA-there's a process to get rights restored,and/or get your record expunged.
    Just my two cents on how to go about things if you're on parole or probation.

  2. Id say that premise applies, whether or not there is previous 'paper' on a person. They are actively locking up those who dissent, for no other reason than said dissent, in hundreds of jurisdictions, already.

    It doesn't matter if you have "broken a law" - by the very act of speaking or acting against the regime, you have broken their cardinal "law". They *will* find a way to punish you...

    This is how the pogrom begins -
    He ran from the police - shot dead
    He resisted arrest - shot dead
    He refused to pay taxes - he "died while incarcerated"
    He spoke out against the regime - he disappeared


  3. Our brother TL is on the verge of this, at this moment. A time is coming... a reckoning. Knuckle up, or knuckle under. stormfriend sends


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