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Friday, July 17, 2015

Morale Operation: Death Zone

Operation Death Zone

In your community there exist many 'Gun Free' zones - and all of them are death traps.




And even .Mil locations.

Find them.  Sticker them.  Warn the public!

Stickers are vinyl 3x4 (suitable for outdoor use)

Operation DZ Stickers


  1. Vandenberg is calling you out for horking his idea.
    I dunno 'bout all that, but your design is crisp and clean.
    His is all pixelated and blurry and looks like a bag of smashed assholes.
    I know which design I'd want to use, and it ain't the one that looks like Vaseline is smeared all over my monitor.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the heads-up - I just went and read his latest 'Kerodin is mean to me' screed.

      The longer Red Mikey lives, the happier I become.

      Nobody tell him, but this is the 3rd sticker in a series in recent weeks. The only things I could ever 'steal' from Red Mikey are along the lines of hypocrisy, astounding life failure, parasitic tendencies, delusions of significance, tips on failed leadership and such. Lucky for him, none of that is in my wheelhouse.

      Now, I must run along. We have a little get-together beginning in 4 days at that site that doesn't exist, where III Arms will unveil X and Y, where the entire Board of the III Society will meet, where III Comms will unveil a new widget, where the TOC will be discussed, where Patriots will meet, where...

      Oh - and books that have actually been published will be available. ;)

    2. I do not understand the hatred between you two. When and where did this all start and how does it benefit the enemies of the state (us) if we fight among ourselves?

    3. udaman: "...fight among ourselves..." is a very big assumption.

      You make a fatal mistake assuming everyone who claims the III tag is the same.

  2. Love it. Count coup III Percenters.

  3. This is awesome, K. Just ordered some.

    1. Thanks for the support. All of this is a group effort. I'm just the guy placing the order. :)


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