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Friday, July 17, 2015

You are watching the event horizon for clues, yes?

Copper is at ugly lows.

Yet - silver has dropped to 5-year lows at under $15/ounce and gold is down to $1133.

Anyone who even peripherally watches the markets understands this is fa'cocked.

Smart money runs to bullion when the market is in trouble.

Anything less than $3 on copper is a trusted metric that the market is in trouble.

We all know about China, Greece and our own debt (unchanged for how many weeks now?)

Yet gold and silver are dropping fast.

Yes, you and I understand the manipulations that are in effect.  Yet this amount of manipulation is even more pronounced than usual.  It speaks of a quickening.

Buy gold and silver if you are able.

No matter what - buy lead.  It is the new gold.

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  1. The Nasdaq hit new highs again today propelled by Google, a company that creates nothing but brain dead zombies. "Google gains $50B in value in one day, that may set a record"

    Japan is preparing to defend against an ever aggressive China that is looking for payback for the rape of Nanking.

    As for a winning investment, if you live in the NW, Bi-Mart has Federal Green Tips for $429 a case in stock.


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