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Monday, July 6, 2015


LAST CALL - We are placing our TERMN-8R order tomorrow afternoon.  This is the last opportunity to get these versatile radios at these prices.  Once we place our order, the price will increase significantly (and supplies will be extremely limited).

Price: $165 for one (1) radio.

Price drops to $150 for two (2) or more.

Just like last time, you'll get a radio pouch free with every radio ordered.

Get your orders in ASAP - this is a small window of opportunity.  

Delivery will be on or about 7/27 - but orders MUST be in ASAP.  
If you are coming to PatCon and would like to pick-up your radios there, drop us an email and let us know as soon as you place your order.

TERMN-8R Radios


  1. Folks, I cannot stress this enough -

    Without communications, you are NOT in the fight.

    Get some while the gettin's good...

  2. Bought two of these. Just out of curiosity - does the encryption software come with the product / purchase. Or is this something that needs to be downloaded from the Anytone Website?


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