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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oregon .Gov Tyranny

Brad Avakian is the guy who slapped an Oregon bakery with a $135,000 fine - and a gag order - for refusing to bake a cake.  Mike has the story, here.

He is a government official.

He represents what we mean when we discuss Reds and Communists and Tyrants in Government.

He is one of those who mean to be Masters.

If you are so inclined:

His campaign website - here

His Facebook - here

His Oregon .Gov bio page - here

Fuck him and every other PoS like him.

More here - a Judge has ruled, and re-enforced the gag order...

...I must ask: If nullifying 1A from the bench does not rise to the level of High Crimes and Misdeameanors, qualifying him for Impeachment, what the F does?


  1. I am compelled to wonder, whether there are enough lamp posts in any given state capital for all the petty little administrative tyrants who are in desperate need of a place to be publicly hung?

    There's only one way to find out.

    And the time fast approaches when there will be plenty of hands to do the work...


    1. LT couldn't have said it better. An equal concern to me is, do we have enough rope.

    2. The Katyn Wood event demonstrated that there are other ways to handle it that don't involve rope.

  2. Hey, that's how to fight back....go to Avakian's Facebook page and call him nasty names ! Yeah, I bet that will give the Marxist some sleepless nights. Dollars to donuts he doesn't even go to "his" Facebook page. The taxpayers of Oregon are paying some C- college grad on the good gov's
    stqff to write Facebook entries in the first person. Facebook...yeah, dat's
    da ticket !

    There is only one thing tyrants understand....PAIN ! Until rough MEN decide to apply some pain to these "color of law" tyrants, nothing will
    change. Nothing.

    Go to Facebook and snivel.

    1. Polygonal Battlespace.

      Until people begin to inflict real pain, there is no harm in IFF and Morale Ops.

    2. Tyrants don't fear hands with callouses on their fingertips from pounding plastic keys. They fear the hands with rope burns on them from hoisting them to full mast. That's how it is, and how it should be.

    3. I did go to the Facebook page. I didn't post anything. Don't give a shit. I did see that someone was saying there was no gag order. I clicked on the link. It took me to salon.com(leftybullshitsiteiknow). In the beginning of the article at salon is a link to the ruling by this avakian guy(who Im sure is a class "a" prick). In the ruling, on about page 42, 43, or 44 (approx) is where he issues the order. It is written in legaleze, but after reading and re-reading - ALL it says is they cant post, write, discuss, advertise blah blah, that they will not serve fags.

      Based on my reading there is NO gag order.

      I don't like any of the parties involved- the fags, the govt OR the "christians"(who could have come up with multiple excuses to not bake the cake{or maybe defile it with excessive salt instead} and decided to face off with said fags, when they didn't have the resources to do so).

      We iiipers need to get a good propaganda and media game going - or none of it is going anywhere (Adams, Hancock, Warren, Washington etc knew and understood this)- But this case is a loser, even though it does have a lot of legit elements.

      Fags wrong. govt wrong. Cake bakers fuckin stoopid.....

    4. Yes! We need moar kneecappings! :D

  3. The cake bakers may be "stoopid",but at least they had the "balls" to stand up to the sexual deviants,that their beliefs tell them are abominations.
    They stood up and said no-enough of this PC,leftist bullshit.
    having the right to worship as THEY see fit,also grants them the right to refuse service to those who's behaviors are opposed to their beliefs-sort of like no shirt,no shoes,no service.
    When is it going to end with leftist created "protected classes"?

    1. Yup, they told the gheys that they were abominations. They were probably correct in their assessment, too. I bet it felt good as hell in the moment.

      One question?

      Do you want to win, or do you just want to impress.----?---- with a series of useless banzai charges?

      We know how effective they were.

      Mosby wrote a good post last night. He kinda contradicts himself, but....Mosby (insults his target audience, and then says never insult your target audience). His thesis is sound, however. You might want to read it. (just went back and saw you DID read it, and it appears you agree)(?)

      What he describes is not some super-secret mil op. IT IS MARKETING.

      The same basic info can be found in every university, college, community college, and local Barnes and Noble near you. You (we) are trying to sell a product---Liberty and the Constitution. You can't insult people into accepting, let alone fighting for, liberty if you tell them they will burn in hell. (Even if that is what is going to ultimately happen to them.) Not our call. We just need headcount on our side. Either to fight with us, or to step back and stay out of the way.

      The GOVT needs to be Isolated, ridiculed and marginalized. Civilians need to be won over. Even if we disagree. Those individual fags were probably complete pieces of shit. You cant just insult people, however (customers no less), and tell them they are abominations and will burn in eternal hellfire, so sayeth leviticus 43:87. 1 subchapter 7. It makes you (us)look insane.

      More to the point, it wont sell cars, donuts, tv's and especially wont sell the Constitution or liberty.

    2. GGII, I also see you were in the food service biz. I know you understand pressure! Ha! I also know you dealt with plenty Ghey MF's! They are mostly insecure and harmless. They should be easily used. That's all the red's are doing. So can we. Them and others. Just have to know how to sell them.

  4. I sent $100 to the Kleins' lawyers today. Put your money where your mouth is.
    Tyler Smith & Associates PC
    181 N. Grant St. Su​ite 212
    Canby, OR 97013
    503-266-5590 (office)
    503-212-6392 (fax)

  5. Just put Avakian on the list, boys.

  6. Sure I'll bake your sodomite cake.

    My price: $20,000.00 USD.

    Like it, or lump it.

  7. The prick lives at 17915 NW Lone Rock Dr Portland, OR 97229-8507.
    Just him and his old lady


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