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Thursday, July 16, 2015

MVT Versa Chest Rig - On Sale THIS Weekend!

The Max Velocity Tactical Chest Rig will go on sale this weekend!

I am fortunate to be in possession of Max's personal rig demonstrated on his site.  Next week several serious III Patriots will be able to field-test the rig, and everyone at PatCon will put their hands on it and examine the quality and design.

I can already attest to both design and construction - it is a solid rig.

Here are the full details from Max's place.


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  1. Max'es concept of a battle-belt and chest rig combo as a layered approach to battle provisioning is outstanding. For anyone whose spent a considerable amount of time kitted up, the benefits of using such a rig for 'mixed environment' (working indoor/outdoor and driving) are obvious.

    Particularly when transitioning between operating a vehicle and doing other work, this method of carrying your gear gives maximum flexibility without sacrificing ammo capacity, or compromising best-positioning of all the essentials.

    Anyone who hasn't already done so should seriously do the 24-hour gear test: Wear your complete rig and carry a full loadout for one entire day - put it on as soon as you pull up your pants in the morning, and don't take it off until you hit the rack for the night. Spend at least one hour of that day engaging in several different 'hot scenarios' where you use (or at least simulate use of) all your gear while maintaining cover, employing tactical movement, and clearing a building and securing an outside area.

    By doing so you'll discover all the "wish-I-had" and "Wish I hadn't" points about your current rig and how it's arranged.
    You'll be wiser for the experience, and wiser not only usually lives longer, it also lives better...

    Max has spent so much time kitted up that I expect he's seen every gear malfunction and deficiency there is... and has put together a first rate solution.

    My advice, "get one". You'll be glad you did.


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