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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TL Davis


It's a good question.


  1. "You will desist from your opposition to the British arms and take protection under his standard. If you do not, I will march my army over the mountains, hang your leaders and lay your country waste."

    Major Patrick Ferguson
    September 10, 1780

    Twenty-six days later on October 7, 1780 a Whig militia force approximately 900 men surrounded Ferguson and 1100 Tory Provincials and militia on top of King's Mountain in South Carolina. After a sharp one hour battle, Ferguson lay dead on the battlefield. He was shot seven times. Both arms were broken and he was shot in the head. Several Whig militiamen then urinated on the body.

    "Just wait - we will hang them with that flag!"

    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
    July 9, 2015

    If tradition has anything to do with it, I'm gonna call it August 4, 2015. ;-)

    1. Oh that might make the burbs uncomfortable.
      Dan III assures us that its foolish to make the burbs uncomfortable.


  2. To mix in thoughts presented elsewhere today, " Those who aren't being dragged are being pushed, feeling for the edge with their toes. There's little in this for the peaceful, even less for the unprepared." ~Ol Remus

    Considering the thoughts of these two men whom I admire greatly, I am forced to concede that the most level-headed and restrained among us are all calling it: We are, indeed, over the edge. What is done is irrevocable. And it's consequences are nigh.

    All I can say is," read it, and weep".

  3. A good topic to be discussed at PATCON.

  4. New "tool" brought to you by our Bankster hating friends way up north.


    p.s. If you don't have an unseen.is account yet, now would be good time.

  5. Does she not understand that such ridiculous proclamations often have dire and lasting consequences?!?

    To call her a bird-brain would be an injustice...
    to the birds.



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