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Thursday, July 30, 2015

PatCon: AAR I

Those of you who attended are now familiar with
my 1938 Royal Aristocrat - for those of you who took the 

time to build OTPs to share with me for later use - BRAVO!
PatCon Attendees: Please drop by the PatCon site and leave a brief AAR for Holly - here.

I know everyone is waiting for PatCon updates.  They are coming.  In all honesty it has taken me a bit to decompress, and to process everything that transpired.  The event was an unqualified success based on every metric I can apply.  Great people, great conversations, Miss Violet made sure we all had great food.  Fuzzy, Casey, VJ & Lineman made sure we had solid infrastructure.  We had an outstanding series of speakers, workshops and classes - I'll thank everyone personally later.

We expanded our Tribe.  We have people who are buying homes in the county as a result of our event.  On every level we ('we' as a Tribe and extended network of Patriots and Preppers) made tangible, quantifiable forward progress in our efforts to restore and defend Liberty.  Our Auxiliary has grown.  Our pool of skills and allies has grown.

I am going to begin my series of AARs with the most serious topics first.

Hard Things.

Be ready for Hard discussions related to Hard Things.

There was a lot of introspection over one topic in particular.  There was a lot of emotion. Most importantly, we managed to pass-through the standard PC talking points and people were forced deep into their intellect and emotions.  It was fascinating.

We will discuss this this evening and tomorrow - and you can reflect over the weekend.

One point, Patriots: I have a place for any and every serious Patriot, regardless of your skills, age, physical condition.  If you have the desire, I can find a place where you can make a difference for Liberty.  For every tactical Patriot suitable for going out on patrol, we need 10 or more in the Auxiliary and another special few in Strategic Services.

What I have ZERO room or patience for is the Hobbyist Patriot.  You know who you are - and so do we.

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  1. Love the typewriter, I have a similar looking Remington from '37 I believe. I love old tools, they remind me of a time when solid Americans built solid things. It is highly likely that nothing I have purchased in my lifetime will still be working in 80 years. But I still use tools, and teach my children how to use tools, that were purchased by my grandfathers.
    I'm now depressed.


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