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Friday, July 31, 2015

PatCon: AAR II

Genetic American garbage
walking on our flag

**NOTE**  There will be another PatCon AAR tonight (Pacific Time) that I hope will lead you deeply into your heart and intellect over the weekend.  This AAR (below) is just the beginning...  We moved the ball forward during this PatCon.  Some we will share publicly.  The time for tolerance has reached an end.)

I think we all remember the genetic waste pictured at right walking on the American flag while wearing his Che t-shirt. This was on or about July 4th, this year.

Golitsyn was correct.  Angleton was correct.  The Red Menace and Scares were real.

Nearly every single societal and cultural problem challenging the ideals of Rightful Liberty and Natural Law in America can be easily identified and traced back to Communism.  The Human garbage proliferating these injustices to Liberty are easy to IFF...

The short list includes the corruption of our children in public schools.

This is the bible for those Red bastards.
The eradication of private property in America - including the right to your own body and what you may or may not do with it.

The homosexual agenda that is being imposed by force of law.

The cultural genocide currently most visible against all-things Southron and Confederate - and History tells us what the follow-on action is - always - once cultural genocide has been accepted by a populace.

The attacks against religious Freedom - just look at Sweet Cakes by Melissa.  Where in our country has any Muslim been taken to task by our media, our bureaucrats, elected officials or even the overwhelming majority of our neighbors for drowning people in cages, sawing heads off Christians, mutilating and raping their girls, stoning their women, and their other atrocities?  I have not yet seen a Muslim-owned bakery fined for refusing to bake a cake for two homosexual men.

This is what Patriots at PatCon think of the Communist bible:

Note the entry and exit points of the rattlesnake's rattle...
The stores that sell Che and ban the Battle Flag.  The Useful Idiots who support such businesses and actions.  The foul bi-peds who took shovels to begin desecrating the burial place of Bedford Forrest and his wife. 

These are our problems with which to deal - yours and mine.  

You and I know what is happening.

You and I know there is going to be a fight.

You and I know that fight is already underway - and all fire is incoming.

You and I will stand, or bend knee.

The problem is not Islam, or gays, or religion, or our history of racial slavery, or any of the other significant Sparklies being thrust into our faces and down our throats every single day we live in America.  These cultural issues are merely tools being used by Team Red.

The problem, my fellow Patriots, is Red.  It is the ideology of tyranny, power, personal gain, all flying under the Red flag by people following the Communist Manifesto.

These people will never stop.  They will never voluntarily decide to respect your Constitutional Rights, your Rights under Natural Law, or your birthright to Rightful Liberty. They will continue to come at us from every angle - from gay rights and marriage, to religion, to racism, to cultural cleansing - until they finally muster the nerve to come at us hard with bayonets fixed.  It is not only our politicians and their army of bureaucrats.  It is not only their Praetorian LEO who demonstrate daily they will enforce the diktats of their paymasters.  It is also every single low-information, should-be-forbidden-to-breed idiot who votes for and works to achieve the goals of tyranny.  Voting to eviscerate 2A 'For the Children' does not make the 2A ban moral or any less Evil.  We must fight the Evil - even when the Evil is merely a byproduct of The Stupid.

Some of us mean it when we say 'Enough'.  Some of us are truly done backing-up.  Some of us are no longer willing to merely stand aside and shake our heads in disgust.  Some of us decided to publicly follow Mother Nature's example - the rattlesnake always warns before it strikes. And when it strikes, it means to end the threat.  Mother Nature gave the snake the means to warn you, and the means to kill you.

All the cutesy little catch-phrases we hear across the Liberty Movement are great sound-bites - and as we have seen, toothless.  

Here's my recommendation.  'No.'

No is the most powerful word in our language.  Every 2-year-old child knows that single word can spin a parent to the edges of sanity.  It need not be snarled.  It need not be delivered with spittle-flecked disgust. It doesn't need an exclamation point. It can be spoken softly, even whispered.  'No.'  It can be done so politely.  'No, sir.'  After all, if you must kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite.  But it only works if you mean it...

From PatCon:

The flags you see being shown the respect they deserve by our Patriots were then taken to the shooting range, where they met multiple calibers of 'F*ck You'.  

What is the point of walking on the Red & Che flags, and aerating copies of their most precious book?

The III Percent is going to package these items along with an 'Official Enemy of Liberty' certificate (Suitable for framing by the bastards), and deliver the packages to deserving Red bastards across our country. Let's call it a modified 'Deliver the Pizza' Operation.

I expect you Patriots to help us decide who deserves these deliveries.

It is time to stand up.  We have been tolerant.  We have been too tolerant.  It is time for the rattlesnakes among us to issue Fair Warning.  

It is time to whisper to those who would be our Masters: No.

And Patriots, I say this with all the kindness in my Soul: If you are not up to going Hard with me, please recuse yourself from this site and my future activities.

I aim to misbehave.  I aim to help you train and prep.

I aim to offend the Enemies of Liberty and their Useful Idiots.

I aim to stand at your shoulder when you say 'No.'

More tonight.  

Tonight we go harder.

Do a gut check, Patriots.

That is all.

**A good primer - here**


  1. Damned if I ain't motivated now ! ......Smokey

  2. "The problem is not ... slavery..."

    Except that it is.

    In fact, slavery is ALL the problem is about.
    Communism- all statism- is the promotion and imposition of slavery. They intend to enslave you to "The State", your neighbors, "society", the "common good", "the elites", or someone. They are claiming their ownership of you. Your life, your labor, your property- all of you. It might be by stealing your property through "taxation", or preventing you from using your property as you see fit through "zoning", "property codes", or "ordinances". It might be through "laws" dreamed up to say you aren't allowed to carry the proper tools to defend yourself and others. But, at it's root is slavery. They want to enslave you, and they expect you to be a cooperative, compliant slave until/unless you can "change the law".

    They may have a surprise coming.

    1. You and I are on the same page. I was referring to our past racial slavery - I should have articulated it better. Will edit now.

      You are 100% correct - we are all slaves now. Thanks, Kent - stay safe.

  3. Some places we might send a package to (not in order of preference):

    1. Southern Poverty Law Center
    2. George Soros
    3. One of the News outlets MSNBC/ CNN/ ABC?
    4. One of the leftist universities (nutty professor)
    5. Unplanned Parenthood
    6. Ninny Pelosi
    7. NAACP
    8. ACLU
    9. EPA
    10. IRS
    11. White House (Obama)
    12. Huffington Post
    13. Salon
    14. Hillary
    15. PETA
    16. Facebook
    17. Democrat National Committee Offices

    Of course sending to one of the Fed Alphabet Agencies is sure to get us investigated.


    1. downeast hillbillyJuly 31, 2015 at 3:42 PM

      Save $$$ and buy in bulk, 'cause you'll need about 1,300 pizzas. Bammy and Biddy, 9 Supremes, 15 Cabinet, 100 Senate, 435 House, 655 (count 'em!) heads of agencies, departments, etc.

      How about a one-off buy of a couple bricks of ammo dipped in red paint? One per envelope, with powder and primer removed (waste not / want not) to save postage?

      Or 64 (maximum) inspirational banners and/or nooses - one at each exit / overpass around the entire DC beltway?

  4. DHS (den of Hitlerian Satanists) they're the incarnation of the Cheka. They're the tip of the enemy's spear with billions of .40 caliber hollow points to labatomize free men. They'll be at the command and control levers. Next is the Fusion Center of your choice.
    JB I'm sure we're already on all the fedfucks radar anyway.

  5. Is that Che douche trying to impress that Marxist princess?

    I have an uncontrollable urge to punch that little commie fucker right in the throat and then go to ihop and have a stack of pancakes. I guess I'm hungry.

  6. Those who cannot (or will not) see what is being done,
    Cannot see what they are doing to contribute to the destruction of our society.

    But willful ignorance is not a legitimate defense.
    They shall be held accountable for what they do. In the most enthusiastic ways.

    Since they cannot be disuaded by any lesser means, they indeed force us to arms, and to contemplate in all seriousness their elimination by the use of deadly force.

    As such, it is right and just that we do so - there is no sin in speaking the truth. Neither is there any sin in defending those who speak it. And, once at arms, it is our duty to fight through to victory, eliminating our enemy's will and ability to fight by every means possible, until they shall surrended unconditionally, or be destroyed totally.

    This is plain in the Doctrine of Just War.
    Our duty is to fulfill it...






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