Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Friday, July 31, 2015


Boston Marathon
Since 1973 Mo's Morons have murdered at least 3,106 Americans on American soil. They have injured nearly 2,000 more. They are currently being brought into the country by the thousands and settled among our neighborhoods.

The latest attack was Chattanooga.  The murdered:

Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist
Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith
Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan
Lance Cpl. Squire K. Wells
Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt

Islam is ONLY an existential threat to America, American citizens and American Liberty because of the American Traitors among us who empower their Evil.  Without American Traitors and the consent given to them by the silence of good men, no Muslim would be a threat to Americans on American soil.  Like every other cultural and societal attack upon traditional American values, it is American Traitors who are the true Enemies of Rightful Liberty.  We exist in a Polygonal Battlespace, and we must engage the Enemies of Liberty on every front.  

No more talk.  It isn't just about gays, or Muslims, or illegals, or Blacks - it is about Rightful Liberty and every bastard in this country who is demanding that you surrender on their terms!

Patriots, it is time to stand and be counted.  It is time to abandon tolerance where none is offered to you.  When pushed, push back - harder.  They started this war.  They are demanding this war. Fugg'em all.  Defend yourselves - enthusiastically.

They have brought this upon themselves.  You can be legitimately, righteously angry with every enemy on every front of the Polygonal Battlespace - but never forget it is the Reds behind the curtain.

It is time to be an American.  We do NOT live on our knees and beg for permission to exercise our Natural Rights!


Because Fuck THEM, That's Why!

We have been too tolerant for too long.  We have no obligation to die upon the altar of political correctness.  I'm done being tolerant of people who mean to be my Masters.  And I am DONE with EVERY 'American' who is too afraid to be free and at Liberty, who dare call us 'extremists' for seeking our Natural Rights.  I will stand alone if I must.  I will die alone if I must.  But I will not die a slave.  I will not die afraid of the opinions of cowards who refuse to stand.  All men die.  How we die, matters.

**A note to every Muslim who will read this and be offended: Stop your fellow Muslims from attacking and killing Americans on our soil.  Do the right thing.  Prove that we are wrong and that yours is truly a Religion of Peace.  When I see that happen, the item below will be delivered to any Mosque you designate so you can dispose of it with respect.**   


  1. K, I will stand by your side, just like I did at PatCon.. I am in 100% agreement on this issue.

    1. Thank you, sir. If they whack me, please do your best to protect my wife. I trust few people with her - and you are one of those men.

    2. my brother K... spoke with brother Lineman the other night for his AAR... I truly wish Grandma and I could have made it to PatCon, but... you pray for work, then you get it, then you have to do it... the whole responsibility thing. Rest assured brother, should the untoward occur, the "work" I'll be doing, once I get up north (soon)... will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Lineman, and doing the 'bad' things I've trained to do. Have H get behind us, you know we'll do the rest... you said "brother..." and "trust" to me a while back. That does not return void....
      stormfriend sends...

  2. Light that fucking thing on Fire.

    1. Thanks for the grips Bill! Big hit!

      I like the idea of keeping the book perpetually soaking - it is an open sore at that point. ;)

      BTW - your Liberator concept is in play. It may take a while to ramp up, but it is a hit.


  3. Free Citizen here--At last--someone that tells it like it is. You have many allies out there that feel the same way and are quietly preparing for what this bogus traitorous joke of a government is setting us up for. Sorry about not being able to attend PatCon but we cannot physically travel for very long distances anymore but it is what it is. I can still pull perimeter guard and load magazines and teach.

    1. We stand together, shoulder-to-shoulder my friend.

  4. Mmmmmmm, bacon!

    That thing is a work of art. You should send it to one of those ritzy New York art galleries. It deserves to be shared with the world.

  5. Ha,ha,heh,heh,heh,heh,heh,heh,heh,aaaah! Thank you, I needed that!
    If something should happen to you; Die smiling. Your the "auto lock" on the literal "gates of hell". He who hath ears, let him hear.
    " And if the days had not been shortened, there would no flesh be saved!".........MTHead

  6. If Thomas Jefferson's political philosophy is the higher ground of rightful liberty and is viewed as unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others then every individual in Jefferson's world is a social being with equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with each individual joining with others to work together in order to better fulfill their mutual needs and aspirations I would think that blasphemy of any kind would be out of place.

    1. Blasphemy assumes you believe the Koran is a religious text, and not a political system.

    2. The Devils favorite lie is "I don't exist, so how can I harm anyone?".

      And where that one fails, he goes immediately to "All religions are the same - they are all good, and they should all work together for the greater good (eccumenism)".

      Any time you hear such tripe, know that you are not amongst those who love the Truth; you are in a pit of vipers, surrounded by those intent on destroying you, and everything you love.

      And what should one do upon discovering a pit of vipers?

      Bring gasoline and burn it, allowing none to escape. And their Judgement shall be upon their own heads.

      "Woe to those who put evil for good and good for evil..."

      "Every good tree brings forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forh good fruit. Every tree which does not bring forth good fruit is to be cut down, and cast into the fire."

      islam is, without question, the most corrupt of 'trees'. Its fruits are ignorance, perversion, greed, murder, torture, slavery, destitution, and the purposeful destruction of Truth.

      Therefore follow the Command - cut down the tree and cast it, *fruit and all*, into the fire. This is the ONLY Just course of action for those who adhere to the Truth.

      Do not be deceived - was Moses told to go into the towns of the idolators and save them from their sins(Deuteronomy 13)? Plainly not. The command given to Moses, and through him to every believer, was that every false prophet was to be stoned to death, and every town which followed a false prophet was to be put to the sword - destroyed completely - every man, woman, and child. Even the livestock and the treasures of the town, all to be destroyed by fire, and even the very place of that town is to be made desolate, forever.

      Do not believe the lie that Christian tolerance requires us to turn the other cheek *indefinitely*, regardless of how bad the abuse becomes. This lie is but a cloak for evil, to protect it from righteous judgement. And look what has been accomplished under the protection of that lie - the very destruction of our society.

      Resisting evil is dirty work. Its time we got about doing it.

      Let them who have ears to hear, hear...


    3. In the U.S. we have what is referred to as a "hostile" separation of church and state that seeks to confine religion purely to the home or church and limits religious education, religious rites of passage and public displays of faith and is seen as a move toward the type of political religion seen in totalitarian states.  It can be clearly be said that America is now officially a totalitarian state of the Orwellian kind, where the population has involuntarily ceded all of its privacy in exchange for what the controlling elites in government call "security". Doesn't that make religion in America a "political system"?

  7. Islam is not "a religion of peace"-it is not a religion,it is a political movement disguised as a religion.
    LT has it right-extirpate them,destroy every mosque in the U.S. then butcher a hog on the site,allowing the blood to seep into the ground,then no musloid will ever build anything on that site again-due to the pig blood making it unclean-or some such bullshit.

    Besides-there's something inherently wrong with people who do not like or eat bacon.

    Give all musloids in the U.S. a choice similar to the choices they give Christians in their shithole countries-leave the U.S.-or die here-soon and not on your own terms.

  8. That's a boatload of awesome right there.

  9. islam is submission to Satan, and full support for every form of evil in his kingdom. It is not a religion - it is a death cult, and must be dealt with as such.
    This means denying it every claim of legitimacy or status. Every pressure which can be brought against it must be used - to eliminate every mosque, to displace every muslim from our communities, and to destroy the financial standing of every organization which supports islamic teaching, law, and/or political policy. Period.
    And when such polite pressure proves ineffective - which it will - then the full force of arms must be used to extirpate every last trace of islam - first from our country, and ultimately from the entire world.
    Nothing less will suffice.

  10. LT,
    You are exactly correct. islam = satanic cult. Pure and simple. I pray many more accept this truth. Once people accept what we are up against, the actions to be taken become crystal clear.

  11. Complete Greatness K! Fuck them! Reds and the rest! Love the soaking of the Satan bible! Real Nice Idea.

    Amen to you LT! I have been cutting down Hardwood trees all my adult life. Its about time we cut down the trees of Corruptness and set them a blaze! For if we do not do it, Surely Our Children will be shaded out!


  12. Patriots: This topic was a seriously contentious discussion at PatCon. I was honestly surprised by the push-back at PatCon against the potential desecration of the Koran. I NEVER explained my plans to the group - but everyone was on their feet and passions rose high and fast in both directions. A couple people wept at the mere thought.

    I had people who wanted to go forward who LITERALLY moved to my shoulder. But there was a MUCH greater percentage of attendees who thought it was a bad idea. Some objected on principle, and some objected because of the potential optics. I deferred action until after PatCon so as not to incriminate the objectors. I stand alone in this decision - it was my decision. Some people agree with my decision - but they bear NO RESPONSIBILITY.

    At the end of the day, you see my decision. I stand by it. My wife stands with me. We will live or die - that isn't the issue. What matters is that we chose to stand on OUR principles.

    (Brutal honesty - my wife objected at first, not on principle, but because we WILL be physically targeted and other likely consequences are certainties. She has, as you now know, declared 'Damn the torpedoes - Full Speed Ahead!')

    But I ask you all, the faithful who read this blog - is it a net gain or net loss in the fight against the Enemies of Liberty to do what I have done?

    Share your brutally honest thoughts.

    My action was the rattlesnake's Fair Warning. Whatever happens next is up to the Enemies of Liberty.


    1. Gain statement. "They" get the same respect - and restraint - "they" give us. What does everyone call someone who can dish it out but can't take it? Grandpa calls them 'coward'. And hopes to meet "them" soon in a fight.

    2. Hey! You! Raghead! C'mon and git some!

    3. K, I can not comprehend a serious pushback against this at a Patcon or that a greater percentage thought it was a "bad idea",other than fear of retaliation by muslims.(Fuckem).. which in that point alone shows why WE should stand by our morals and NOT bow down to anyone or group of people that mean to do us harm! It is true that the thought of me and my family be thrust at the front of some kind of vengeance against us for pissing off Muslims, AKA standing up for our Christian Values., would be unsettling, but not standing up would be insomnia!!!!!! It is a very much Gain K. I ask all of you this... If We do not stand up for our Christian founded Country, what are we standing up for here at all? I understand the concept of rightful liberty for all and freedom of religion but when they do not hide their desire to eradicate us, I think we should not just turn cheek, but do everything in our power to make certain our children have the knowledge, history, and means to carry on the torch of Liberty. It was no net loss K. just one small cut against an enemy of freedom in the battle against the establishment and their brain washed minions who they count on to push their agenda. You have Great Men who stand Shoulder with you. I will do the same.


    4. PART 1

      Bayou said:

      “K, I can not comprehend a serious pushback against this at a Patcon or that a greater percentage thought it was a “bad idea”, other than fear of retaliation by Muslims.”

      I was not at this year’s Patcon due to a significant change in my career and some of the logistics and financial chaos this change created. I wish I had been, if for this conversation (Islam) alone.

      Perhaps some at the Patcon may have had the opinion that to engage in a fight with the Muslims might cause a serious distraction and detraction for the preparation of the upcoming fight with the true enemy of this country – the left, the communists, the socialists, the democrats, the tyrant politicians, “add your term here”, etc. As K said in his post, “Islam is ONLY an existential threat to America, American citizens and American Liberty because of the American Traitors among us who empower their Evil”. So in my opinion, to go after the Muslims at this time is targeting a symptom, not seeking a cure for the underlying disease.

      Some symptoms can be deadly and must be treated or they themselves might cause serious harm to the entity with the disease. High blood pressure for example, will cause serious harm in its own right but treating it may not cure the disease causing the high blood pressure. Are Islam and the radical Muslims that are using it as an excuse to terrorize Americans and the rest of the world a symptom we need to treat at this time? Will the treatment take so much out of us that we won’t have the resources to treat the actual disease?

      There is a very dangerous cancer in our country (and world) that has been eating away at our Rightful Liberty for decades and anyone that knows anything about treating cancer understands that it will take a very significant amount of time and energy to fight this disease. Many of us in the Patriot Community believe a serious disruption to our freedom and way of life is imminent – how and when this disruption will be triggered no one really knows but considering the events and trends in every aspect of our social, economic, political, and moral climate, how can something not happen? Spending that time and energy on a symptom, that in my opinion is not life threating at this time, is simply a waste of valuable resources.

      So before any of you criticize other patriots who disagree with the approach of engaging in a holy war with Muslims, you might want to think long and hard about your end goals and whether or not such action gets you there – for me it does not. Many Patriots are in the process of preparing for the coming struggle. For some, including me, that might mean quitting a very good paying job and digging up roots away from family and friends to locate to an area where there are other people who believe as I do. It is a big change and a frightening one but I understand what’s at stake. The Idaho redoubt has become a place for Patriots to rally. If it becomes a central point for a holy war that is an existential threat rather than a place for Patriots to build up a defense and sanctuary for the impending chaos, well I imagine it is a “deal breaker” for some and I can understand why.

      JB (continued in Part 2)

    5. PART 2

      If we truly believe in “Rightful Liberty” as defined by Jefferson, then does that not include a person’s desire (right) to practice whatever religion they desire as long as it does not infringe on the “Rightful Liberty” of others? Or should we change Jefferson’s definition to read, “Rightful Liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others unless you are not a Christian in which case you are not entitled to Rightful Liberty”? Would such a creed not make us tyrants?

      I would rather be friends with a fellow Patriot who believes exactly as we do and wanting to be a member of our community but may be a Muslim, than a Christian that uses Christianity as an excuse to allow for open borders, income redistribution/ welfare, control of the people, unfettered abortion, heavy handed law enforcement, and an unconstitutional government among many other things. After all, Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic.

      So rather than becoming like the radical Muslims who use Islam as an excuse to kill, let us not use Christianity as excuse to kill them back. Rather let us use the concept of “Rightful Liberty” and the founding documents of this country as the justification of a rightful cause to defend our lives and sacred honor from our true enemies! To do otherwise may alienate a lot of desperately needed Patriots and lose us the “Hearts and Minds” of many who might otherwise support our cause.

      I see many emotions in the responses poste here, and rightfully so, but making significant decisions based on emotions rather than rational thought is rarely ever a good thing!

      God Bless You All!


    6. We need weekly MuHAMhead cartoon drawing contests, started by soaking a Quran in Bacon grease/Pig's blood.
      What better way to expose them?

  13. They get the same respect as putting yummy juice on those pages of hate and dismemberment? ..... I say NO!

  14. "But I ask you all, the faithful who read this blog - is it a net gain or net loss in the fight against the Enemies of Liberty to do what I have done?"

    What you did was make a bold statement to a major enemy of liberty and freedom of thought. As LT and Anonymous 9:50 have also. Islam is a psychosis, a Death Cult, a Satanically inspired ideological plague dedicated to the annihilation of freedom, liberty and especially Biblical Christianity. The push back you experienced was from a lack of understanding of just how dangerous an enemy Muslims are to us and the world essentially. I just set down a new book I'm reading and checked this thread for any updates and read your latest comment on this. The timing is sort of spooky. The book is "The Unseen Realm" 'Recovering the supernatural worldview of the Bible' by Michael S. Heiser. Part of the framework of it's presentation deals with the demonic, evil spiritual influences motivating the conduct of nations and and systems such as Islam.All enemy's of freedom and especially Christians because of what they represent. I'll share a quote that relevantly deals with the "why" of their hatred of us.
    "Humans who survive birth without suffering severe impairment,however, are able to represent God as originally intended. They do so by means of a spectrum of abilities we have as humans.These abilities are part of our being like God.They are attributes we share with God,such as intelligence and creativity.The attributes of God shared with us are the means to imaging, not the image status itself. Imaging status and our attributes are related but not identical concepts.
    One of these attributes is freedom-free will that reveals itself in decision making. If humanity had not been created with genuine freedom,representation of God would be impossible.Humans would not mirror their Maker.They could not accurately image him.God is no robot.We are reflections of a free Being,not a cosmic automaton."
    The psychotic Death Cult would have us submit or die, well I say they die first with pig guts jammed down their demonic throats. Above all this is, as our forefathers thought. a spiritual battle, and I pray God help us all to fix our resolve and devastate all enemies of freedom. K I also stand shoulder to shoulder on this, as others do. If you run out of bacon I'll send you all you need...Well done and Godspeed.

  15. Hey Kerodin'


    If I was at Patcon, I would have stood by your side if you would have chose to desecrate the Koran.

    The First Amendment is the First Amendment. Your right to speak out against Islam is guaranteed.

    I see through the Islamic Hyphocrisy. The Islamic's are allowed to freely criticize others, but when they are criticized it becomes 'hate speech and intolerence'

  16. "Lord, give us America, we ask for her by name. Lord, give us America - light a fire, fan the flame. Send us out to harvest the amber waves of grain....Lord give us America in Jesus ' Holy Name..." https://youtu.be/pcSQSPnin2I (Dennis Agajanian, the world's fastest flat picker)
    (H, the link is a present from me and Grandma... one country fan to a 'nother)
    stormfriend sends....

  17. Why do so many Patriots get so concerned by this? Did God instruct his people to preserve the sacred texts of his enemies when they were being conquered? NO! They were instructed to destroy it all! The koran is a satanic book inspired by the devil himself. Destroy it every chance you get K. Find evil and kill it. The ragheads are begging for someone to fight with. They WANT this fight. Let us bring the fight to them. I support you completely.

  18. Everyone please read JB's comments (1 & 2) above.

    This is an important point that I hope everyone is grasping. The Muslim problem and my political expression against it was just one expression of the weekend. There is a reason we walked on Che's face. There is a reason we walked on the Red flag. There is a reason we had the Rainbow flag in the mix. There is a reason Patriots went to the range and put bullets into flags and copies of the Communist Manifesto.

    The reason is because not one single example above represents our true fight - except the Red. Islam, as it is being used in America, and the Rainbow idiots, as they are being used in America, and the illegal immigrants, as they are being used in America, are merely tools being used against us by our real enemies.

    Yes, we MUST engage each tool as it is wielded against us. We must defend against them all, we must delegitimize them all - but we MUST slip past those weapons and engage the enemies who are wielding those tools and weapons - and we must EXTIRPATE the true enemy.

    Our true enemy is not Islam - without the aid of American Traitors, Islam simply is not capable of being an existential threat to our core values. Same-same for gay marriage, public school indoctrination, illegals, et cetera.

    We must offend and engage EVERY cultural weapon being wielded by our true enemies - we must then advance past those weapons and choke the life out of our true enemies.

    We do NOT start hunting Muslims in America. That is not the point.

    We STOP TOLERATING their agenda, and the agenda of those who fine bakeries for not baking cakes for gays, and we STOP TOLERATING the cultural genocide of the Battle Flag and Christian Values and we STOP TOLERATING the importation of illegals who mean to conquer us, not assimilate with us - and most of all - we STOP TOLERATING politicians and their Praetorian who use these cultural weapons as staging tactics for the evisceration of Rightful Liberty.

    Focus on EVERY front in the polygonal battlespace and STOP TOLERATING EVERY INJUSTICE THEY THROW OUR WAY.

    It is time to discard silence, to abandon tolerance, to provoke the fuck out of our enemies, and then to defend ourselves when they come hard.

    1. My now retired Pastor used to say "man is an idea machine, and sooner or later an idea gets feet" The most unique distinguishing facet of the human being is volition , the freedom to choose. Correct me if I'm wrong but that concept is held in very high regard to all of us here and throughout the Patriot community. We may differ somewhat in some specifics due to personally held belief systems, but, in a general sense well all agree on what freedom is and that it should be protected at all cost, and cultivated for all to share and enjoy. Quantifying the threat to freedom can differ per the individual freedom lover dependent on their knowledge base of the known enemies and the enemies capability to destroy freedom at any given time or opportunity. The way I see it we have at the top power positions in our government psychotic, mega criminals and every day they are progressing their agenda to destroy those who love and cherish freedom. They have successfully destroyed the nation which our founding fathers created and left to us to preserve. Their next logical step is to eliminate the individual freedom lover.
      The felon-in chief is in point of fact an MKultra Manchurian candidate who is a Muslim, Marxist, homo/pedophile, drug addict whose mixed bag of toxic ideologies has gotten so much feet that he's stampeded the country to death, and is now leading the stamped towards the remnant of freedom loving people who are dedicated to restoring the nation as best as possible to it's original foundation of a Constitutional Republic based on the Bill of Rights , as we know our founding fathers would have us do, and made provisions and arguments/instructions for in such a time as we find ourselves in.
      K, what you did was pick and address one of many facets of our enemies ability to attack us, and address it well you did. I don't see any of us "fixated" on this particular aspect so as to distract us from the primary threat. When I read the replies I didn't see knee jerk emotional reactions that were distracted, I saw reasoned, intelligent, passionate responses. Sure we need disciplined focus on prime objectives and we probably will differ on what they are, and that's ok, honest disagreement is a strength if properly utilized. But God forbid we should loose or criticize passion in any attack, from where ever, to what we all hold dear, freedom for all, and a free nation to enjoy it in peace and security. So you felt the need for a strong statement against Islam at PatCon (one I agree with and share) and some gave what you considered push-back. like I said previously maybe those who gave it to you didn't see it as serious a threat as you, or I and others here do. That type of disagreement is time to address and resolve to strengthen our cause not fracture it. It's a gauge if you will of where everybody's at to help us all get focus on our stated goal. You said it all right here: "
      Focus on EVERY front in the polygonal battlespace and STOP TOLERATING EVERY INJUSTICE THEY THROW OUR WAY.

      It is time to discard silence, to abandon tolerance, to provoke the fuck out of our enemies, and then to defend ourselves when they come hard." AMEN Brother K, now how many pounds of bacon do I need to ship to you....??

  19. I am not militarily trained so bear with me on some of my terminologies. For some reason as I read through the topic and the comments, an image popped in mind. In alot of ways ( at least to me) what we are going thru now reminds me of the german mg42 nests in the hedgerows that the poor GI's would stumble upon days after Normandy. In our case, bullets aren't being fired but rather distractions. Gay marriage, income inequality, illegal immigration, confederate flags, racism and yes the muslim issue. If one really follows the news your head has undoubtedly been spinning as of late with all the issues.
    Much like the mg42 crews, they are trying to knock us out of the fight or at least suppress us to the point of ineffectiveness. We must first of all find out the direction of fire and pinpoint the location. And as the GI's would try to do, we need to send a squad around , flank them and neutralize said machine gun crew.
    We must pinpoint the exact location of these rapid fire distractions that are pinning us down, flank em and take em out. I hope I explained my thoughts right.

    1. DINGDINGDING - We have a winner!

      Vulgar Curmudgeon was at PatCon (his blog is here: http://bustednuckles.blogspot.com/) and he correctly pointed out that my expression against the Koran was a 'Sparklie' - a sideline event.

      You have just stated the same thing and you are both correct.

      In a fight, if a man has a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other, you must defend yourself against those weapons (stay alive!) and then penetrate his defenses and slit his throat.

      That is where we are now as Patriots.

      We must engage ALL of the 'distractions' and 'Sparklies' - delegitimize them (while we stay alive) and work our way to the throat of the real enemy.

      What we can NOT do any longer is wait, or twiddle our thumbs, or whine online. (Not saying either you or VG do this - I mean generally as a community)

      We must all choose - right now - are we freemen on our feet, or slaves on our knees.

      We must get on our feet, get in their faces, and start hunting for that jugular - then open it to the atmosphere.

  20. https://youtu.be/T8mwwjAeUGM So much for islam a religion of peace Get you schooling here....

  21. Bill Warner, What we need to know about advancing Islam.https://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

  22. The biggest problem is that the enemies of Liberty control the media-at least the mainstream media-therefore it is THEY who control the narrative,they are the ones behind all the politically correct bullshit,like not calling musloid terrorists Islamic terrorists.
    There is no right not to be offended-despite the efforts of the left to make every person or group of people who are "offended" by something-like say the battle flag of the army of northern Virginia-a protected class-anyone who is opposed to their plans,like digging up the remains of Confederate generals,desecrating their graves is instantly labeled a racist. Support the right of Christians business owners to refuse service to homosexuals-and you are labeled as "homophobic",support securing the southern border and you are anti-immigrant,and a racist.
    Speak out against the atrocities committed by musloid terrorists-and you are labeled Islamaphobic-despite the fact that it was/is musloid "extremists" who are lopping the heads off of Christians.

    WE need to control the narrative,WE need to stand up,speak out,and fight back.
    WE need to be the ones having OUR 30 second soundbites being repeated by the 24/7 cable news media.
    We need to get many more people to start speaking out against bullshit like calling the attacks by musloid terrorists workplace violence,or domestic terrorism,or domestic extremism.
    Soon,the left,the Marxists,the enemies of Rightful Liberty are going to start using the same,or similar labels for us-we need to stop that bullshit before it starts.
    We need to be seen by the drones on the coasts,and in the big cities as the good guys-NOT as whatever label the left/Marxists/communists decide to slap on us.
    The current admin has many on the far left,many who are Muslim,many who have ties to the muslim brotherhood-therefore the bullshit about not calling Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism,when that's exactly what took place.
    We need to push back on that,and everything else these scum-sucking pieces of excrement are doing as they control the narrative in the media.

    1. This was discussed in small groups at PatCon, and has been discussed quietly among many of us for quite a while. The III absolutely MUST evolve a serious political wing and Media wing, in addition to our Shoot, Move, Communicate, Auxiliary & Resist core.

      Some of us have begun cutting a path through these woods - bloggers are the leading edge and have given us a voice. But we need to get into traditional media to reach a wider audience. We (here in our AO) have a full-spectrum media vehicle coming together (print/radio/and online specific to this AO).

      Many of us on this blog have scratched the surface of a 'Rightful Liberty Party' (whatever we name it) that begins to work on the local level to run on a proper Liberty Platform, whether we run our candidates as Rs or Independents or even under the new party name. The key is to get our voices into the process. We have identified 2 candidates in our AO - that won't be discussed online.

      As a group we need to expand these efforts and get our Patriots moving forward in ACTION - not merely rhetoric. Like your kitchen concept... ;)

    2. Sorry K but I see the "political process" as totally corrupt and any effort to "reform" it by engaging it is wasted time, effort and money. The MSM is totally controlled controlled and will never give us any opportunity.The political machinery has been totally corrupted for control of the machine, by criminals. I see NO political solution to the current corruption in the "system". The way I see it the table needs to be totally wiped clean, then the corrections effected in the restart. I wouldn't attempt to free people in a concentration camp by getting myself put in one so I could convince them all to break out. I'd take the camp and eliminate the enslaving force.

    3. Any way of literally pulling the plug on nightly national news?

    4. Involvement in the political process is not to try and change the paradigm - it is three-fold: 1) Monkey-wrench, as much as possible, the current paradigm. 2) Give our message a microphone to 'the electorate'. 3) To have as many of 'us' legitimately in office when the bottom falls-out who will have a moral and legitimate place of 'Authority'.

      We won't vote our way out - but the electoral process is just as viable as a weapon as every other tool in our toolbox. ;)

    5. The American party. Returning America to the working class!
      Folks, Tired of being stolen from on both ends? Does it seem to you like there's an endless line of hands out every payday? Demanding their share?
      Tired of junkie/thieves roaming your streets like nothing is can stop them?
      Only to get a $200.00 fine for go over the speed limit? Arrested for carrying a gun to protect yourselves from the aforementioned J/T's?
      No light at the end of the tunnel?
      Join AMPack, Lets send them all a message: We work for a living, you don't want us working on you!....Just a thought........MTHead

    6. MTHead - send me an email please about sodium silicate - k@iiipercent.com - please.

    7. Just like the R/D partys are different sides of the same coin. We should run Irish rules: shein fein for politics. And the other side of our coin is..........you know the rest......MTHead

  23. Freedom of religion? Oh really?

    Never in the history of our nation has religion been under such relentless assault. Every chance the Reds get they remove another part of our heritage. Many of our founding fathers were devout men, yet they associated with agnostics and atheists and understood the need to prevent Govt regulation or promotion of a specific faith.

    Hence, they gave us of freedom "OF" religion. You may worship as you choose as long as you don't force it through coercion or legislation upon others.(see Sharia Law) Your religion may not be outlawed.
    You cannot be arrested for attending church.

    But here again, the Progressives have perverted the "INTENT" of the 1st amendment. From Freedom OF Religion, to Freedom FROM religion. They seek to marginalize specifically Christianity and its offshoots. I wonder how many times the ACLU or ADL have sued to have a Muslim Crescent or Star of David removed from public view? The effects of the attacks on this right are evident to anyone who wants to look.

    For the record I am not a church going Christian, but even I can see the evil of Islam. Those who oppose this act of free speech, may think they are doing so out of Conscience, but the are deluded. Our enemies have not such qualms. The Muslims tell us the same thing as the Reds, "Bend a knee, or die" How SHOULD we respond to such hatred? As for me and mine, I would stand in opposition to any form of Totalitarianism be it Marxist or Religious.

    1. I have taken the position that we Patriots must now move, in the open, in defiance of whatever malum prohibitum laws or cultural roadblocks the Enemies of Religion try to impose, and force them to stand down. Whatever the cost. If we don't do it now, it won't get done.

      If we stand and we demand - in the physical world - that these people stand down and behave, or leave - then we have issued our Fair Warning. Whatever happens after that is on them...

    2. The Koran is just a book. It is paper, with organized writing, bound together as a unit, and given a title. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. What some people may ascribe to it, whether holy or hellish, that is their decision. Their freedom of choice does not take precedence over MY freedom of choice. I cannot (and don't want to) convince them of the error of their ways, and I damn sure am not going to let them try to convince me of mine. Their choice is their choice. My choice is mine. If never the twain shall meet, then so be it. We agree to disagree, part company, and go our separate ways. But when the Koran is deemed to be supremely more important than, say, a Christian, Jewish, homosexual, or female, Life, I think it becomes self-evident t the POV that a book is more important than someone's life has demonstrated that point-of-view has given up any legitimacy for continued existence. Normally in a civilized society, a murderer is arrested, tried in open court, and then jailed or executed if found guilty as charged.
      The time has come. Call this our Boston Tea Party if it helps you sleep at night. Some people decried the events in Boston Harbor too, so remember you'll never, ever, make everyone happy.
      Good Job K

  24. Well, you have a challenge. The government is dumping a bunch of them goat humpers into your AO as we speak. Mosques to follow. If you don't have one yet, you will.

    So, this Redoubt thing. How does it work exactly? :-)

    1. The importation is 350 miles (and a serious mountain range) south of us - but your point is taken and relevant. There are discussions taking place on a course of action. And, given my recent 1A with their book, my PerSec has ratcheted up a smidge. ;)

      I welcome any and all thoughts regarding a prudent, measured response to the inbound Syrians headed to Boise. We can use it as a test-run for the rest of the country.

      And before anyone suggests violence - no.

    2. My prudent, non violent suggestion is for all of you to raise a big herd of pigs. ;-)~

  25. That blockade of buses on the roads in to town worked pretty good, for awhile, in CA. How many main roads into Boise?

    1. This one: http://www.cnn.com/2014/07/01/us/california-immigrant-transfers/

  26. Are you fucking kidding me? Your making me excited. I love your site. Taking out the enemy of our country is like warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Keep up the good work and we'll send you pictures. Make it fast, make it bloody, make it quiet. Jesus loves you..

  27. I was one of the ones who was against it...It wasnt because I give two shits about their death cult or that I was worried about them retaliating... Look at Barnhardt they still haven't moved against her..They are like hyena's only going for it if their prey is weak, alone, unarmed or they have vastly superior numbers...They are foul creatures and there strict adherence to the Koran and Muhammad the Pedaphile will be their undoing...Like all things that live under a strict rule book you can control them quite easily by backing them into their on corner by their dying belief... Here was my reasons why...Is this where our focus as a III community should be at this stage in the game or should it be focused on getting as many people prepared for what's coming so that a remnant can be saved...Does everyone that wants to go to war truly prepared for what war brings with it...Have we already built our communities up in Rightful Liberty so if we do die our families won't become destitute...Do we have our infrastructure and logistics to sustain ourselves in the event of chaos... That was just some of my thoughts... Oh and if they do move against K well lets just say drowning in pigs blood will be the least of their worries...

    1. And I give full weight to your rationale, because it is legitimate.

      I weighed this question in my mind a thousand times: Will this help or hurt the community more?

      Pam Geller and Ann Barnhardt have earned our respect because they acted. Right, wrong or otherwise - they acted.

      In our community, right this moment, we have a thousand thumbs up bums. Red Mike is yet again trashing two guys for daring call themselves 'III Leaders' without first kissing his ring. We have the MDT contingent still collecting the King's shilling while persistently trying to knee-cap people who dare to take point. Other back-channel provocateurs and cowards continue to try and undermine our efforts, because they don't have the grit to do anything but write emails to one another and bitch about wallowing in their own life failures.

      Liberty Forces need to move - one way or another, we need to get moving. If I can at least help get people moving, then better men than I can take over and get people moving in a better direction. We need to Cowboy-up sufficiently to get moving and leave the hollow heroes behind - then take whatever course correction is needed.

      Every person at PatCon who disagreed with me earned my respect. You had my respect long before you arrived, and it is stronger than ever.

      But it boils down to this: If I remain stagnant and on the sidelines, I will no longer be able to live with myself.

    2. And I will be right there with you brother...I may disagree on points but never on the purpose... We need to rid ourselves of evil and be building the good up...Lots of idea's rolling around in this old head of mine and the main one is mockery is a sure way to get pusslim lose his head...Wonder what they would do if you wore a pig costume into a mosque and started hugging everyone of them...Bet we could get a rise out of someone...Also it would be damn hilarious and YouTube would love it...

    3. @ Lineman-
      I get your view-and you're right on a big part of it-We are not ready as a group-for the reasons you stated-we have nothing together-*supposedly*-many of us are working on getting our tribe ready,but no,we do not have the "infrastructure" set up just yet-some of us-yourself included are going way the hell out of our way to try and help people.
      Everything WILL come together-some of it may have to be put together faster than we would like-but it will be put together.
      We have a lot of people working on various projects that when they come together,are going to benefit all of us.
      Ask K-there's a reason I'm pushing someone else's project-and a good one-it's because it will benefit ALL of us when things get sporty.
      Pissing off the musloids-They may piss and moan-and try to paint us as the bad guys-so what-it's not going to turn into much of anything if Barnhardt and Geller are any indication,but what it will do is get the III "brand" out there-OUR II brand not the guy who demands others "kiss his ring".
      That could,should,and hopefully will mean we become known as the guys who are actually doing something.

    4. Thanks brother...I hate seeing good people suffer and it chokes me up when I do...I just want to be able to help as many as possible before it goes tits up and if that means taking out the trash then so be it...Its ironic that those who be hatin' can't see that real leaders build others up like K has done and not tear people down...Pete posted a saying at WRSA and it was. "The most important job of a leader is to build new leaders" and thats what its all about...We all grow old and die its what we leave behind us and the example we set thag will be what sets us apart from the herd...May Gods Grace and Wisdom guide us in our coming days...

  28. Amen, Lineman - what every good man does is build. Build a life, build a family, build a community, leave a legacy, using all the gifts and abilities which God has given him. That is his first calling, and the unchangeable fact of what it means to be a man.
    The second fact of being a man is to defend those things which he builds, and more broadly, it is his job to advance and defend all that which is good, true, and beautiful. In short, his duty is to stand firm in the preference and protection of everything which is a gift from God... to the death if so required.

    Those who shirk their calling, who abandon this duty, are not men. The biological fact of their plumbing does not make someone a "man"; answering the call to this sacred duty, each and every day, regardless of what it takes - that is what makes a man.
    Anything less from a male is "effeminate". That is, "false womanhood", and the Bible is clear on being effeminate - it is acursed behavior, and one who conducts themselves in such a fashion cannot attain Heaven.
    Its not specifically homosexual relations which curse a male, though such obscenity represents a most grave case of refusing one's calling. Refusing to stand with manly firmness where it is right and just to do so is also an offense against God, and a reproach against the gifts which He has bestowed upon that individual.
    Hard Truths, yet they must be spoken.

  29. Dear Lord I'm tired. And I'm old... but as I've shared with brothers Lineman, K, and others; I'm not getting any younger.  And I'm not leaving this for my sons or grandsons to "fix". This happened on MY watch. I may have only one good ass whippin' left in me to deliver, but I guaran damn tee they don't want it.
    What I've read here lately has been encouraging, because I begin to see two things - one, agreement that "it's time". Two, little infighting and b.s. and more baring of teeth....  less talk and more action...   hell, Mullenax even asked about "the Redoubt thing", lol...  (brother Alan, it's a long way from the 'Glades to the hills, but if I can get my tribe from Georgia out west, you can too)
    Look, as K has said, the Koran (which K treated with the respect it deserves...) is a sparklie, but in part, our focus has to be along this path. I'm a Christian,  but it ain't about religion. If you ain't a Christian,  I'm not going to decapitate you. I'll leave you alone,  you do likewise.  Incessant keyboard fighting has gotten us "here". We need to be heard - but dagnabit we need to be seen and heard as rational,  well thought out, and cogent. We need to be seen and recognized as a viable option - not as "whack jobs".
    We - that means you and me, brothers and sisters; have serious work to do. If you have not stockpiled food, water, medical necessities,  etc.; do not waste another minute. I have cautioned before that we need to be in a siege mentality.  It may be "who can hold on the longest." Tie a knot, hang on. Do not let go. Ever. We are in the tug of war that either saves or ends this dream of Liberty. Do not wonder any longer "who"; because the answer is "you". Us. stormfriend sends

    1. Well said. "Siege Mentality". Face the hard reality, and respond to the threat - and the threat is exactly that: a proplonged economic siege. The very real probabiliy is that they intend to grind everything down to the point where we are all starving - and will trade in our guns, our gold, and even our beliefs for the very bare necessities of our sustenance, to save our children from death by starvation.
      If you find such a proposition outlandish, you don't know history - hunger has been used as a weapon by every totalitarian regime in recorded history. Every. Last. One.


    2. Exactly...Well said LT...That is the first thing people need to stock up on after they get moved to a secure location is food and have a source of water...You can't fight without sustenance... Also have the means to produce food in the long run...Starvation is probably the best form of control that government has...

  30. www.express.co.uk/news/world/594851/Eurotunnel-Calais-migrants-Britain-Channel-Theresa-May-government-security-immigration

    You are not alone. III in UK?



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