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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Patriots: Discussion Points

By now you have probably read my three AARs.  Obviously, there is so much more that happened, I couldn't relate it to you if we had a team of writers and videographers.  We had 50+ adults on-site, plus kids.  I'm not going to name anyone specifically at this point - if I missed anyone or left anyone out, it would be cruelly unfair.  Everyone contributed, and there were so many conversations among pairs and small groups of Patriots, I know that no one has the full picture of all that transpired.

Thank you all for coming.  Each and every one of you enriched my life and Holly's.

We added infrastructure.  We grew the III Society.  We set hard plans in motion for the site. Patriots are buying homes in the county.  We made great strides in Comms infrastructure for the site.  (We even have WiFi active!)  Many of us formed tighter bonds.  We shook hands, looked into one another's eyes, broke bread, and most of us agree that it is time to move to contact.

I have no idea how or when implosion will occur.  It may be tomorrow, it may be years of slow grind.  I have decided that I will use every moment I have left to help facilitate these essentials among Patriots in my AO and across the country: Shoot, Move, Communicate, Auxiliary, Resist & Strategic Services.  All on a Local, Local, Local basis - and anything that looks like it will work in your AO, we'll come and help you stand it up.  We have begun the essential task of being part of our regional and national networks - look for us to pop our heads up on CA's next Comms FTX.  ;)

Most of you know I look to Donovan's OSS Model as my North Star on many topics in this fight. One aspect of the OSS that gets too little credit is the S&T (Schools & Training) infrastructure he put in place with men like Fairbairn, Sykes, Biddle, Applegate, et al.  In the coming weeks will will release our modern S&T program.  We have secured the best trainers in the III Community - and I'll be recruiting more.  We'll work as a Team, ramping-up serious Patriots to a level of efficiency and proficiency that will help you survive and prevail.  At the moment we have commitments for more than 6 trainers and 6 locations across the country where you will be able to build your skill sets. And it is more than merely the combat triad of Shoot, Move & Communicate.  We have a professional Sniper who will consider a select few of you for advanced training.  We have people who will train you in everything from dressing field game to preserving foods to alternate energy to keeping your vehicles running.

III Arms is back - look for production this winter.  Bill Horvat is making our grips - look for him to begin offering licensed III Arms Gear in the coming months as he spools up.  III Comms is unveiling a serious security widget within weeks.  The National Tour is a Go.  National media is on our agenda - it is time for our voices to carry beyond our own little echo chambers.  

You will see this again: SHTF Camp - a place to go when it gets ugly.  All the training listed above - sometime in the next week or so we'll roll of full details of The Jedburgh Academy.

We have no Kochs writing checks for our cause.  We never will.  We will never draw donors the way mainstream politicians draw millions per day.  Everything you and I want to do will rely on you and me.  I'll ask for donations when necessary - but I'd much rather help put Patriots to work so they can get out of the oppression of the system.

If you are inclined and able: Join the III Society so our voice grows.  There is also a Donate button there.  Go here.  Even if you are already a member, that Donate button is equal opportunity.  ;)

We will also be discussing good-ol' Free Enterprise - helping each other put our skills to work so we can cover the costs of our political expenses through old-fashioned hard work.  If you have a business idea that will help other Patriots (and yourself) feel free to run it by me and we'll see what we can do.

If you have read the 3 AARs, you know where I stand - and I am not standing still.  Forward. Action. 

It is time to back-fist some bastards.  It is time to stop tolerating their attempts at tyranny and shove it all right back down their throats.  As long as we talk and try to use reason and logic - they win.

They mean to have you and me remain on bent knee, or dead.

I'm not going out like that...

What about you?


  1. How about considering a Calvary Division. It can be very practical and advantageous. Provisions can be moved effectively by wagon and pack horses, mules. Mules are hardier and stronger than horses and have more stamina. I can see many advantages in their use. I live in an AO with many Amish and I tell you when SHTF they won't even notice any change and will probably fair better than most because of their lifestyle.

  2. Greetings all, one thing I sure would appreciate would be to have a doctor who knows about humping a ruck, environmental hazards, and how that all relates to a person's physical capabilities. I do PT, but I am a little out of prime azz-kicking age not to mention actual physical limitations from getting on in years. I think if a real doctor that knew what it takes to patrol hard would be able to tell me if I could hack it without killing myself or my team, it sure would help. Like, how well can someone with an artificial joint do on patrol. If a real doctor said "You might consider a new day-job," I would in good conscience be able to lighten up expecting myself to be a Ranger, and instead focus my efforts more into an auxiliary role such as comm, medic, or intel. Gotta shoot, gotta move, gotta communicate, but maybe not as a point man. No one is harder on themselves than themselves, and in spite of the spirit being willing, sometimes a wiser man needs to say when the flesh is a little less than optimal. Can anyone relate?

  3. I also have a ripped up knee and a wife losing eye sight ( hell she's not even 50 yet). We all have limitations in one form or another. There is also a job to do. We all need to find tribe where we all have a place in the big picture. You might not be able to hump 80 pounds of gear around day in and day out but I'm sure you'll find your footing. As was mentioned before, for every person on the line, there are several making it happen. Intel, food, medical, comms, the list goes on and on. Hell, just think how important skills such as boot repair and such will be when a stop to academy for hunting boots is out of the question. We all need to find our tribe and our place in that tribe . Like now!!

    1. Amen brother...That's what its all about...Not only tribe but a full community;)

  4. HK- 91

    Pack animals are great-spent a few seasons taking people on backcountry elk hunts years ago-the tents,the coolers,the pot and pans,feed for the animals,food for all the people,rifle,ammo-everything went in by horse and mule.
    Packed the elk meat,hides,and heads out the same way.
    There's a lot of Amish in Ohio,many not far from me-and I'm on first name basis with a few who live near the property we hunt,fish and camp at-it's about an hour and a half south-SW of Cleveland.
    Horses and mules would great-as long as whoever has the critters has the feed stored up until a new crop can be harvested,and has blacksmith/farrier skills and tools,and knows how to repair tack.
    The Amish go everywhere by horse drawn buggy-no reason others couldn't do the same.
    Fuel will become real scarce real quick.
    Having horses and mules is a good plan.


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