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Sunday, August 2, 2015

III National Tour & Mo

I know I have given everyone a lot to think about in the last few days.

I'll leave you with two topics to ponder:

1) We have discussed and decided a III National Tour is appropriate beginning in the Fall/Winter.  I think our PatCon political expressions - our Koran under glass, our ballistically-violated Communist Manifestos, our trampled Che & Red Flags (complete with boot prints of Patriots) and our Rainbow Flag, should all be showcased at our booth to ensure people know where we stand  

Along with these ideological displays, our vendors will have table space.  If you think a national tour is not prudent - say so.  If you think we should list it on ebay as a fundraiser - say so.  No matter what we decide - it is 'our' political statement.  They can all choke on it.

2) Please read, consider, and continue discussing AAR III, here. But do NOT take it out of context - AAR III only makes complete sense with AARs I & II.  THIS IS NOT MERELY ABOUT MO - IT IS ABOUT MO's MORONS BEING USED AS USEFUL IDIOTS.

That is all.


  1. No, don't go on tour. That's making it easy for them. We need you at the citadel. Running the commo bunker. We need you to keep feeding an filtering ideas. All they can point at is a website. People that want to know will find out, let them put out the effort.
    Me thinks sun tsu, Jesus, and 4GW doctrine dictate we let the enemy destroy himself as much as possible. Psychotics always do.
    Their spending billions on bullshit, their going to have to steal from police pension to keep going. Student loans are going to implode on them. if we can just offer a way out once their done. Useful idiots work both ways. We should let them.
    Yes, their destroying society. Were Americans, we'll rebuild it better!
    "come out of her my children, but for a little while. till the indignation be passed"..........MTHead

  2. Speaking of "useful idiots" and intentional
    communists: Chuck Schumer gets his famous cousin Amy Schumer to help him push gun control plan - pbs.org/newshour/rundown/comedian-amy-schumer-joins-cousin-sen-chuck-schumer-gun-control-initiative/

    There is no such thing as coincidence in politics.

  3. I've said it before, I fully support a III tour. And not just with my words, K - I've already offered some of what I can contribute to the effort, and I am willing to do more. Possibly much more. We'll continue to talk in the coming weeks...

  4. I think the tour is a good idea,get the III "brand" out there,and get us recognized as a legit group-not a bunch of whackos.
    The "brand" counts-and it's something we need to work on.
    The sticker campaigns should help some and bring in some new people.
    Goin"on tour" and hitting the good gun shows,patcons and prepper gatherings is a good thing,tables/booths setup at all the shows will help get the "brand"out there.
    The tour works for me-I think it's a great idea.

  5. Repectfully, "getting out the brand", should be a local job. Wherever K goes should be a suprise. He can make packages for us. Flags, banners, radios, books, III percent gear. We need to be the ones steeped in the idealogy and be able to represent on a local level.
    K, i know it cuts against your grain. But we really need a solid core. A place to call home for our hearts and minds. We need that more than we need you being harassed by some educationally inbreed SJW, in uniform......just my .02,.....MTHead

    1. Yes-getting out the "brand" starts with local,but it has to be built from there-and that's the point of the tour.
      It's not just K going "on tour"-corporate sponsors are going as well.
      K has the right plan to get "the brand" out there-and get nationwide recognition.
      Starts local with the stickers-and people getting others in their AO on board with the III Society.
      ALL of us-every one of us must make the local effort.
      We,again-all of us-need to promote the III Society and the"III brand" locally-then when K and co. go "on tour" it gets us national recognition-and will let people know we are serious-not a bunch of fat,out of shape dipshits playing Army, like the "militia" a couple years ago on Discover channel.
      While "on tour" K and the corporate sponsors will be meeting people,making contacts,building tribe-at the same time the rest of us are doing the same locally.
      Sounds like a great plan to me.

    2. Corporate sponsors? Kool! If its to the corporate sponsor stage, well and good. Didn't know it was there yet. my bad......MTHead

    3. K ,
      I am usually pretty quiet , but what I am not hearing here is what needs to be thought about . I am far from the politically correct type of person . But , I know that what we show on tour will be twisted and misconstrued to a major degree , in anyway the .gov trolls can taint our cause they will . This will be their best opportunity . I am all for the tour , but we should be careful at the same time , to protect our ability to be the most useful in the future .
      I can foresee Some of the event managers being concerned also and not allowing us at their shows . Or even shutting a booth after set up .
      I am fed up with the creeping loss of our bill of rights and the eating away of our constitution and our way of life .I do believe that the rev war III is already here. My thoughts are we need still need to grow our cause and sugar draws more flies than shit does . Once the new members are in it won't take long to get educated and inspired . But initially they would not get scared away either . I am for the tour either way it goes and will go with your leadership as always .
      LSW III

    4. LSW III: I am wide open on the disposition of the Koran and the Tour. The Koran was used as one part of a multi-part presentation, explaining how Islam and Che and LGBT and Immigration, et cetera, are all but tools being used by Team Red to advance the planks of the manifesto.

      You are correct - many show promoters would not give us a table if we have it on display.

      I've considered bolting it to the front of my home, daring Mo's Morons to come get some, I've considered sending it to CAIR, I've considered an ebay-type auction as a III fundraiser - I'm wide open to suggestions.


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