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Monday, July 6, 2015

Step on my flag, I'll send you home in a bag...

Some of us have an answer for this piece of garbage and everyone like him.

See you at PatCon.


  1. No, when a flag has been desecrated. it should be burned to ash.
    (Wrapped around the desecrator, of course!). ......MTHead

  2. Sad, I bet he doesn't know who or what CHE was, fucking communist mass murderer.

    1. They, like their pop idol "Che", are a fatuous bunch of rebels without a clue.
      But beyond that is the sad fact that we are faced with a foul (and mostly irredeemable) generation, amongst whom the sword of judgement shall be obliged to cut both deep and wide.

      Those of whom I speak have never lived a responsible day in their lives. They were birthed into entitlement, and weaned on participation trophies. They have never faced a whit of hard reality such as 'work your ass off, or starve you ass off', and their response when they belatedly encounter such undeniable maxims of life will inevitably be a tempest of whining and grousing about how "unfair" it all is.

      I have a bullwhip just for such situations, and I shall not hesitate to use it generously.

      And I will remind them, as the lash comes down on their sorry asses, that such discipline is in fact most charitable on my part, in that I am giving them an opportunity to grow beyond their pathetic, infantile state, whereas justice would dictate casting them into exile, to live and die at the whim of nature, with all her splendid and dispassionate rigors.

      Besides the bullwhip, the public stocks and the birdcage will be useful instruments for reforming the wayward youth of our communities, once society falls...

  3. Do you think he will understand when he is on his knees by the side of ditch with the unmistakable feel of a cold hard barrel pressed against his neck? Although I don't really care if he does.

  4. It's a sorry world.....

  5. Let's me see, where did I leave that baseball bat? Seriously, this is a makes my blood boil but in reality it takes our mind off of


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