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Thursday, July 9, 2015

ThreatCon Orange for Region IV Patriots

Given the circumstances in South Carolina our Team has raised the ThreatCon for Region IV to Orange.

Orange: A threat may be imminent, based on hard Intel that action against Patriots should be expected.  

This raised awareness is for Region IV, but Ground Zero is obviously the State Grounds where the Battle Flag ceremony will take place at 1000 Eastern Time.

We recommend other Regions remain at ThreatCon Yellow until circumstances warrant a change in posture.

If you are a III Patriot in Region IV you should elevate your readiness and be hyper-vigilant of events taking place in Columbia.  If the Columbia  AO goes hot, you should immediately elevate to ThreatCon RED and implement your Team's protocols.

ThreatCon site is here, if you want to run the numbers yourself.

Region IV - you are not alone.  We'll all be watching.

Stay safe.  If that isn't possible - good hunting.


  1. Some music for y'all today.

    Manowar: Die With Honor

  2. The flag was lowered without much of a protest-a few guys waving the battle flag in the crowd was it-again-zero meaningful effort to oppose the lowering of the flag.
    That sucked.

  3. For those who use "prepper purity" to
    criticize my comments, hopefully today's
    events have finally taught you what
    compromise with treasonous shitbags
    gets you. Nothing.
    Moreover, I hope it finally begins to shatter
    the rabid defenders who continue to hide
    behind the non-tactic of nothing can be
    done until enough ammo is purchased,
    enough MRE's and food stores are cached,
    and the purity of prerequisites before action
    can begin has been met.
    Today's actions had nothing to do with
    unity, decency, and rectifying
    the blight of "racism."
    It was a treasonous hot-war attack,
    by communists holding elected local,
    state and federal positions.
    Moreover, those "Patriots" in the AO suffering such
    attacks have failed miserably (especially the SCV),
    and we have failed them.
    Moreover, again communists and treasonous
    traitors have won without a single punch being
    thrown,a single fight being fought, or a single
    shot fired.
    Don't even make (FAKE) the feeble attempt
    to shellac this turd and make it believably
    edible and a thing of beauty.
    It is another free WACO and a reprehensible
    defeat that we are solely responsible for.

  4. Another free Waco; another free Ruby Ridge; another free 0bamacare; another free NDAA; another free TARP; another free QE; another free NSA spying ploy; another free NY Safe Act; another free arrest and asset forfeiture for another non-crime; etc. etc. etc.

    Its just one more thing they've radically redefined - the land of the "free".


  5. Cav Med and LT

    Well said,and spot on.
    They're going to ramp up now.
    They see there ain't anyone doing a damn thing about all this shit they're pulling.
    Maybe that gives us the element of surprise when enough people get pushed far enough out of their Cheeto dust covered Lazy Boys and Barcoloungers that they get off their fat asses and do something.

  6. The rabble will rise at something... sooner or later. For this they are prepared. But in that rising is *our* moment, for as doomed as a common revolt would be without us, it shall still serve us for good cover.

    And in that moment, we must take every shot we can to eliminate the specific tyrants on our lists.

    It may only be one night; one period of darkness in which we are given to do our work; but we must ensure that it is remembered forever. We must guarantee by our actions that, whatever happens to us after the sun rises, it remains nothing more than an epilogue, forever bound behind the deeds we do in our moment of action, as we set history aright.

    And whatever one member is guilty of,
    the family shall pay for, whole.
    Kill them all, leaving none.
    Thus do to them with certainty,
    that which they would certainly
    have done to us.

    Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!


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