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Friday, August 7, 2015

1911: Steel or Aluminum Frame?

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1911: Do you prefer steel or aluminum frames?

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  1. If I'm pickin'. Aluminum of course. So simple a caveman can understand. As long as it's 9mm or .45. Or any of those punk ass rounds. Low pressure you understand.

    But .40 or 10mm? Steel. So simple a caveman can understand.

  2. My first .45 was a Ruger P90, aluminum frame with a steel slide. I sold it to a family member who was in need of such a thing. It fit me great, just never felt good during the recoil phase of things. Maybe I'm to picky. Now the wife and I own 2 steel Colts. Never been happier :)

  3. hmm. EDC? Go light weight.. My Smith and Wesson SD9, cheap and light and there you go. Grandma has a Ruger LC9, works in a pharmacy, it fits in the pocket of her lab coat, and if an ' undocumented shopper' comes along looking for Oxy... wrong place, wrong time. For him. Both of 'em will get us to... our Colt 1911s, or to my Ruger Redhawk... and that gets me to my long gun. Of course we need take this no further... Grandpa sends


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