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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Battle Load Tips from a Professional Fighter

It starts with your weapons and your ability to feed those weapons.


Then you get into other stuff, depending on circumstances.

Start with the right chest rig - here.

Progress as warranted.


  1. Newbie questions:
    I am still new to all this, trying to understand the terms and gear…..
    This is only the chest rig, battle belt is separate, is that correct?
    Any recommendations on a good battle belt that would work with this rig?

    1. Correc - chest rig is separate (and complementary) to the Battle Belt.

      Got to MaxVelocityTactical.com, and read through his archives for details.

  2. Yes, chest rig and belt are separate. The idea is to have a "modular" load bearing system to accomodate the various tasks you'll have to do - both individually and as a squad, and the various threat profiles you may have to do them under.

    The typical components of your load bearing system are-
    Vest or chest rig
    Ballistic vest / plate carrier
    Assault pack
    Sustainment pack / patrol pack

    Now, I don't recommend using your plate carrier as the foundation for any of your other load items, and I don't know of anyone who would call doing so a "best practice". I've included it here becuase it is part of your battle load, if you choose to wear one. And because some manufacturers insist on covering their plate carriers (and every other item they make) with Molle loops... and there are a lot of mall ninjas out there who can't resist Molle loops - they've just *gotta* hang some piece of tacticool crap on every Molle loop they've got.

    Now, if this comment has given you the impression that I have a strong opinion against attaching any load to your plate carrier, then you're absolutely correct. In our group, plate carriers are (optional) personal gear, but all loadout items are squad equipment - and the requirement for all squad gear is that it be easily transferrable from one member to another, in the field, and on the go...

    Makes sense, right?


  3. K and LT,
    Yes makes sense now. Thanks

  4. ...plate carrier weighs enough as is, and should be first on last off. my 2 cents. Grandpa


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