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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


MTAC 1-4 designed for the 5.56mm AR platform.

Those of you who run this scope - please share your experiences - especially for tactical use.


  1. Currently run a predecessor: 1-4x-24 XTR.
    Very quick acquisition under 100Y, at all magnifications.
    200Y is actually worse to shoot than 300Y. Have to hunt for the dot - not good for precision - can usually hit COM.
    Accurate at 400Y with 55gr and 62gr - POI varies some (to be expected) but still acceptable hits.
    Haven't pushed it past 400Y simply due to lack of range length in local area.
    Aside from the 200Y "fly spec" I have no complaints.

  2. This will be one of the raffle items at the Fall PATCON.

  3. Diehard Burris fan! Never used one "tactically". But I have beat the crap out of them. Running around the woods n such. The 1x4 mtac is their budget model. Drop comp. to 500 or 600 yrds. depending on zero. 1x for QCB, 4x for longer shots.
    If you can afford it. spring for the 1x5 XTR. Glass quality upgrade is worth it.
    People are amazed when I take them beside the shop with an MTAC and ask them if they could put one through the side door of a barn downrange.(regular sized door). The general statement being, hell ya!. That's when I tell them its 1037 yrds away!
    The reticle is a bit thick for my liking. Glows red with a battery, stays black if you don't have one.. All n all their a good piece, at a good price.
    Serious, if I can't afford a nightforce. I buy Burris.........MTHead

  4. P.S. ask Mosby about MTAC's, I thought I read his survived falling out of a truck!.........MTHead

    1. He's a big MTAC fan, and turned me onto it. That speaks volumes.

  5. Reticle is too large for precise work at distance. At closer ranges it might obscure target. If target is in the open and standing still no problem. In real world conditions where you might have half a face visible, it's a deal breaker.

  6. Might look at the Vortex Strike Eagle also...

  7. K - I've owned a Burris M-TAC 1-4x since they first came out. Not as nice glass as my Leupolds but well made with acceptable optics. Since this is obviously a budget scope it has it's pros and cons but is decent for it's intended purpose. When I got it, I was looking for a versatile scope which could be used by anyone in my tribe whom vary in shooting skill. As we all know, the most common reason for missing targets is due to inaccurate ranging thus incorrect hold-overs. Ranging could be done rudimentarily with the M-TAC's reticle design and the ballistic drop marks are good enough to get first shot hits on steel silhouette targets (my 9 year old has gotten hits out to 400yds).
    It's a good scope, however, since the M-TAC other similar scopes have come out with (in my opinion and for our needs) have better features. Specifically, the Primary Arms 1-6x scope with the ACSS reticle which aside from ballistic drop marks but also moving target or wind hold-over marks and a much better reticle ranging scales. We have a PA 1-6x on an AR-15 and a PA 4-14x on a .308 AR both with ACSS reticle. From our range use, the PA scopes are quicker to get shots on target (varying unknown distances to the shooter) by using the built-in scope features than the M-TAC. Although, the M-TAC is constructed better and has slightly better glass than the PAs.
    Sorry for the long winded reply but I hope this helps you out.
    Best wishes,

  8. I really like this scope. Zeroed one of ours this past weekend. Whole family hit 4 inch bull-eyes from 100 yards consistently. Youngest 14 oldest 57. More experienced were still hitting them at over 400 yards.

  9. I have one on my AR. The first day I put it on the rifle I was adjusting the quick disconnect scope mounts and dropped it onto the concrete floor of my garage. It didn't even know it had been dropped. Since then I have beat the crap out of my rifle and the MTAC and it has held up well. It does what it advertises reticle-wise. Works well from 0-400yds. The retucle can be used with the illumination on or off. Great scope.


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