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Monday, August 31, 2015

Acta non Verba: III Comms

In many ways old-school tech and tradecraft will prove to be the best course of action for Liberty Forces.  A whisper in an ear can't be Googled and NSA's and Fusion Centered resulting in a SWAT'ing.  There are times and methods where electronic Comms will be acceptable risks.  There will be many more times when your HAM is the preferred Comms vehicle.

You Comms guys know far more than do I regarding the advantages and vulnerabilities of radio when it comes to tactical and strategic Comms.  I know enough that I found an expert within the III (He was at PatCon) to help us build a modern equivalent of an old-school 'Black Box' that will help reduce the vulnerability of your people who must use radio from time to time - whether gunnin' & runnin' or Strategic Services Ops from your asset in City Hall who needs to send up an emergency balloon about a warrant she just saw pass across her desk about your local CUTT.

This Comms widget has already been financed, is well into the R&D and build/test phase, and is on a timeline that tentatively has first units in the hands of end-user Patriots by November 1.  Retail price-point will be under $400/unit, with further discounts for Teams.

This unit will interface with your existing HAM system.  It will provide you the ability to encrypt and burst your messages.  That means you are able to crack the mic for mere seconds, then get off the X. It has a built-in Morse translator (and teaching function).  It has the ability to tie into a small LCD screen for the field (and field agent), and even a keyboard for data entry.  It has a small footprint.  It is to be seriously ruggedized.  Add OTP, brevity codes and other tradecraft, and you have serious Comms capabilities.

As with all III projects with which I am affiliated, a new firm has been established (III Comms, LLC), III Experts assembled, and other III Experts will T&E the system.

The first unit is as described above.  The second unit will include a radio in the same system.

Shoot, Move & Communicate.


Strategic Services.

Training on the unit will be simple-enough to handle within your Team - or you can get instruction through Jedburgh Academy.

Acta non verba.


  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one who can see the value in having encrypted,burst transmission capability.
    Think about it-if you just have radio-it's simple for enemies to locate you using triangulation.
    Encryption is of little to no help if you have to transmit in real time-during the time that the message is being transmitted-enemies will have located your position-if you have both encryption and burst tx capabilities-no enemy can fix your position from the very,very short time it take for the burst tx.

  2. Exactly, GG. Get the message out, and get off the x. Pronto. Because it might be as little as 90 seconds after you key up, before Big Artty is on his way to pay you a visit. And big Artty will wreck your party, ricky tick.
    Sure, that's the extreme case, but it tells you just how fast they can get a fix on you, if they are determined to do so...


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