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Sunday, August 30, 2015

III National Tour & III Prepper

A large number of us have been working out the best places/shows to set up a III booth at gun/prepper shows across the country beginning this fall.  We've got many volunteers who are willing to host in their respective AOs.  These events will also serve as meet & greet networking opportunities for III Patriots.

How it is shaping up: We'll ship 2-3 foot locker sized boxes to the host in city X prior to the show.  He/she will take point and host the booth, handing out III promotional material, setting up our national sponsors gear on the table, et cetera.  Patriots in the AO and region are encouraged to drop by the show, then hook-up for dinner afterward.

Once the show is over, the host will pack-up the gear and ship it to the next show host in city Y.  

H and I won't be able to be present at every show - but there are some AOs I am really looking forward to visiting...

If you can volunteer as a host, or if there is a very good gun/prepper show in your AO, either post here or send me details and we'll make sure to work it into the calendar.

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