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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Guest Post by JB

JB posted this response on KD (KnuckleDraggin'/Wirecutter/Kenny). It is being reposted here at his request in case you do not go to KD or KD does not post.

Response to “A Kerodin must read”

Wirecutter/ George said: “The III community has been stunned the past few weeks with complaints of mistakes made on the part of Sam and Holly Kerodin.”

Really, this is how it all went down? It seems to me that there was an all-out attack by KD and its readers, many of whom have no idea what has transpired to this point in time, even you Kenny. You all simply took the words of a few less-than-truthful folks that have had interactions with the Kerodins and jumped on the band wagon without hearing the other side – a clear demonstration of hive mentality that I would expect from our liberal/ socialist “friends”, not patriots. But I guess even patriotism and Rightful Liberty has its politics and haters too. It has it’s elites as well - people that think, because of their background or training, they are superior to everyone else.

The so called “complaints” as you call them were more than complaints - they were serious charges levied in an inappropriate forum. And simply because the charges were made, even though some “… may not have legitimate grievances”, he owes you a response? Ha! Sounds like something a tyrant would do – levy the charge and you are guilty until you can prove otherwise. Sounds like a tactic right out of the Democratic Party Playbook! Let’s fling it and see if it sticks! Anyone with grievances against the Kerodins should have taken them to the Kerodins, not this website. How many of you with complaints did that in earnest? If you did, go ahead and post that complaint – I am sure it would make for interesting reading. I know of one of the “complaints” that was a flat-out lie. Then the rest of you that have no clue jumped on the band wagon like the lemmings you are. See Kenny, even you are Jim Jones to some!

Wirecutter/ George said: “Those complaining may or may not have legitimate grievances, but the situation has been compounded by the responses of Sam and his supporters”.

There is nothing Sam can say to change your minds – you all have joined the Jim Jones Kool-Aid Club as you have charged those of us that support the Kerodins. The situation wasn’t compounded by the responses of Sam and his “supporters”, it was compounded by the full-court press of a childish diatribe spewed by almost every one that commented on this site, most that know nothing!

Then you try to make it sound like an L.L.C. is a bad thing which shows your ignorance when it comes to running a business. Either you don’t have a clue about the differences between the types of business formats or you are intentionally trying to make people believe that Kerodins are shady because they chose one of the most common business types for small business owners – which is it? Here is a short description of the four basic for-profit business formats: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/four-common-types-business-formats-21109.html . Perhaps you should know before you speak. I am sure that if there are any of you out there with a fair mind, you will see that there is nothing wrong with conducting business as an L.L.C. – it is generally preferred over Partnerships.

It is true that L.L.C.’s do not pay taxes but it still files taxes. The income that is paid out to the members is taxed thru the members personal income taxes as are Sub-S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, and Partnerships. So you see, the only business format that is not taxed on the members personal income alone, is the Corporation – which if you read the description from the above link is not necessarily the best business format for most small business. A Corporation does pay taxes and so do the shareholders that receive profits – a double tax! Let me know if you need me to further explain this concept.

As far as all of the different L.L.C.’s, this is because each has a different goal and interest and it’s best to keep the accounting separate so as to not co-mingle funds which complicates things.

Wirecutter/ George said: “Who funds what and where does the money go? Are donations and funding to one cause diverted to support another cause? In the interests of transparency, the Kerodins owe it to their supporters to open up and explain where the interests of these various businesses cross and where is the money shared.  If it says III on it or is related to III ventures, we deserve transparency.”

If you buy something from Kerodin, what you deserve to know stops there. The transaction is for the product being sold, not for you to know what happens to the money afterwards. If you donate money to the Kerodins, then did you donate it with stipulations? If so, what do you think you are owed? Did you invest in one of the companies? Are you listed as a member? If so, you certainly are entitled to an accounting of the company and profits and I am sure the Kerodins would be happy to oblige. Sam has vowed to publish the financials of III PS but of course that won’t matter to most of you anyway, even if every penny is accounted for – your mind is made up.

Even in the interest of transparency, the Kerodins owe you or your readers nothing, especially those that have contributed nothing.This is not a public venture. They must be careful about the information they divulge as there are enemies among us, including the patriot community as demonstrated by this [KD] website. The folks that are trusted do or will know – you are not among them.  But I assure you that cooking the books would be foolish and I am pretty sure the Feds would be all over the Kerodins at the 1st sign of inappropriate accounting, especially if it involves a person belonging to a group of people they are currently classifying as “domestic terrorists.” Wise up!

I do not have all of the history behind III Arms but there is a side of the story not being told – as usual. However, III Arms is starting back up and more information will be passed on to trusted people when the time is right.
Some of us are making tangible things happen, including the Kerodins, but there will be many road blocks, especially economic ones, and adversaries trying to slow us down or stop us all together. Some of our efforts may fail but we are determined. One thing we are not is keyboard warriors!

Tempus Omnia Revelat



  1. If this goes on, I see a libel lawsuit in the future, and some people are gonna find out that a subpoena can cause more damage than a bullet. Few things have a longer range than a deputy serving papers because someone got stupid and made themselves the defendant in a lawsuit.

    1. That would stop all this bullshit once and for all-as far as the current bunch of people causing the bullshit.
      Those causing all this crap don't even comprehend that it's hurting the community-not K.
      Like I keep saying,we need to just keep getting shit done,and the classes/courses/training offered will speak for itself.

  2. Thought about a few things.
    The in-fighting must stop. I will not support nor defend anyone when this kind of garbage continues. I made the mistake of defending someone early on and it's bitten me in the ass before.

    If there was a theft involved, the the accusers should press charges.
    If they don't press charges then why keep accusing?
    And K. Since they are asking, be about as open as you legally can be with the main accusers. Wirecutter, militialaw, SAN JACINTO COUNTY OUTLAW..

    For all that are involved...
    Come forward with the correspondence's between yourselves involving the legitimacy/illegitimacy of any of the III businesses.

    Let us readers see it all.

    (posting on each blog)

    1. WiDissident: I honestly can't respond to specifics because I haven't read a word of it since I commented at WRSA a few weeks ago.

      I've rec'd a few bits here and there from allies. But in all truth, these people are insignificant, can't hurt me or stop the progress we are making, and it is on them to put up or shut up.

      The very fact that we have taken the time and expense to set up legal companies for each project should be an indicator that we are doing things the right way. At least the state of Idaho approves... ;)

      You mentioned stickers in an email the other day - do we have an outstanding order for you?

  3. Check that email K. No harm was meant. Do you.

  4. Which email? I'm confused. :)

  5. That's an excellent comment-now just get back to getting shit done.
    The sooner people take some of the classes/courses/training offered,the sooner the students can post about them.
    Sparks is right-
    if/when the comments rise to the level of libel or slander-hit 'em with a subpoena.

  6. Since my previous comments have not been published here, I don't know that this one will be. I have read the posts about this "controversy" and the comments also on the several blogs involved. I don't see an honest conversation going on here, from anyone involved, just attacks and arguing. It is quite off putting to an outsider. Sam, lawsuits are just an attempt at punishment for what a "bigger" man should just consider to be a "sticks and stones" situation. If your ventures are honest they will bear fruit regardless of what is said in the blogosphere. Those projects are where your attention should be, not on lawsuits against the people you disagree with. If there are hard feelings on someone's' part because a particular business model or arrangement didn't work out, simply admit that it could have been done better, learn from it and move on. The liberty movement is too important to get ego involved and all one can do is manage his end of that. Remember that one characteristic of the Founding Fathers was humility before God. A lesson for all of us there.

    1. Steve - I don't 'ban' any comments - if you submitted a comment and it didn't show up, it's because blogger ate it.


  7. Im not looking to be sued.I would just like the truth with out the court.

    1. The truth about what, exactly? I am not reading what these people are writing - they are circle-jerking, and not worth my time.

      Ask a serious question, I'll answer it for you.

    2. Kenny is a jerk off.Im banned at his site.For asking questions.

    3. So is the III still in bussiness?I here more about bmm then the III

    4. Paul: You mean the III Society, or one of the III businesses? The 'III' itself is a Leaderless Resistance group of individuals.

      What is bmm?

  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, never follow men, all of us have our faults. Follow true liberty and stand with others who wish to pursue it. Anything else, if you don't like k, don't like Kenny, all useless. Follow them or fuck them ..... But let's move on.

  9. Matthew 18 - “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.
    But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses.
    If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church.
    And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector."

    Those who go straight to the court of public opinion, rarely have legitimate claims in the first place. But among even those who hold legitimate claims, we find a lack of grace in their manner of redress, which yet further emboldens those of evil intents...



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