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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Good Commie

May he explore Dante's Realm endlessly.

Oh, and F Morris Dees and SPLC, too.

For the record - no Commie/Tyrant deserves to die peacefully of old age in the comfort of his bed while surrounded by loved ones.

That's right - I said it.


  1. He ain't gonna turn into any better brand of dust than I am...

  2. And when you get to the article, don't neglect the opportunity to page down to 'Resources', and check out the 'extremist groups'. Odd that 'we' are considered one (or two) such groups; yet the SPLC doesn't consider itself one...
    I'm just saying.... Grandpa

  3. Chuckle...yeah all the good ones are dead. ;-)

  4. Weird about Bond. In 1968 he made sense. Then he and the SPLC accelerated a downward spiral toward idiocy. Babbling evil at every opportunity.

  5. There comes a moment in each of our lives - or there will come such a moment - when we must answer this question: How many lives am I going to allow this Bad Person to ruin because I refuse to act.

    1. Whoa! Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?

      That's a charge there son.

      Standing by. ;-)

  6. You said it, K! And I second it! A waste of humanity's space, as I understand it.


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