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Thursday, August 20, 2015

For your consideration

A new (to me) blog - here.

And here, too.

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  1. Hey!!! That's my blog!!! One of several I use. That Scott Scribbles blog is mainly used to concentrate pertinent news stories I find. I add little to no commentary to the content; it mostly acts as a place to view news and follow the link to the source, if desired.

    My other blogs mention current events with some entries having a link(s) to pertinent content but I put more to much more effort at adding original content to those blogs.

    I consider my efforts to be needed and are accompanied by many thousands of other angry, concerned Americans whose concerns cover many areas and are easily viewed thanks to the power of the Web. To assist those seeking pertinent content a recent newly-created blog added this III Percent blog today. It can be viewed here:


    Will be back to finish reading the content here and, where appropriate, will leave a comment or two. More folks need to leave comments here and elsewhere. We, the People need to communicate to figure what the heck is going on in this weird "new" USA that sure seems to me to be in deep trouble with us common folks having by far the most to lose while tyranny lording over We, the People uses and abuses us for their own greedy desires.


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