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Thursday, August 20, 2015



The next time someone proudly self-identifies as a 'Sheepdog' who 'Protects the sheep', you'd better remember why he is protecting the sheep, and who is paying his salary...

Mittens & curry.

It is the Sheepdogs job to make certain you are delivered to the appropriate processing station.

It is no more complicated...


  1. It is the Sheepdogs job to make certain you are delivered to the
    appropriate processing station.

    That's good.

  2. I stand by you Sam, zero fucking regrets....and I WILL NOT BE APOLOGIZING TO che!

    Bill Nye

  3. Remember this simple fact:
    They have replaced Rule of Law
    with rule by law.

    ...and who enforces "the law" but "the cops".
    What they enforce is not Justice, it is "order". And the goodness of any form of order is but a matter of perspective. And when that "order" requires your abject submission, it is men with shiny badges who employ force to obtain that submission from you.

    The average LEO doesn't care about you. What the care about is their own safety, and getting a good "performance review" so they can get promoted, and ensuring that they will collect that nice fat public pension they expect you to pay for. Your rights, needs, and expectations don't even make the list. Period.
    Are there a few exceptions to this rule? Sure.
    But not enough to change the character of policing, over all. And there are fewer exceptions every year. Just like with the military, those who hold their oath above sychophantic observance of 'department policy' are being run out and replaced with ever more compliant drones.
    Therefore, expect things to get much worse, before there is a chance for them to get any better. There is an entire generation of petty tyrants in blue to be purged before that day arrives, and waiting for them to retire is not a viable solution.
    Without apropriate negative feedback, the trend toward more abusive policing will not even be reduced, let alone reversed. You do the math, as far as what an apropriate level of "negative feedback" is for you; and when you move to apply said negative feedback...

    Make it count.


    1. LT - are you receiving my K@IIIP emails? Proof of life, please. :)


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