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Monday, August 24, 2015


I have found it is impossible to work up any passion for this post.  I've been here so many times with so many of Life's Losers, it just doesn't phase me any longer.  You'll notice I am still here, the projects many of us have begun together are still here and moving forward - and the losers still whine about those successes.

About 18 months ago I decided to stop defending myself in public against the gratuitous assertions and bald lies being floated against me - for the good of the community.  This was a mistake, because it has emboldened a few of those people to mistake my silence for weakness.  Some of those people have worked behind the scenes for more than a year trying to undermine my efforts.  Now several of them seem to have rallied, making more accusations. You'll notice the lack of facts/proof behind them all - but this is the internet, so facts won't matter, especially to anyone who has already decided that K is a bad guy.

So, I have decided to simply lay out a few facts, and then let the complainers continue their echo chamber.  They are all destined to die alone and unloved, so what the F do I care?

Before I start I have one mea culpa - and I simply can't apologize enough to those of you who have trusted me: Never enlist a .Gov employee to do the work of a Patriot.  In my experience - in every experience to date - from III Arms to the III Society, the introduction of .Gov employees brings a mentality into the project that is simply not conducive to accomplishing anything beneficial for Liberty.  Sorry if I hurt anyone's feel-bads - but working for .Gov, in most capacities, is automatic inclusion in the Free Shit Army.

I thought Jim Miller was a solid Patriot, who just happened to work for the VA.  I was wrong. It has taken Holly a full year to unwind that clusterfuck and get wind back into the III Arms sails - but she has kept her word and the new FFL for III Arms will be delivering the first new 1911 in about 7 weeks.  More FFLs will be coming online.  Jim Miller has a LOT for which to answer regarding his involvement in III Arms, but not to me, and not on a blog.  In case anyone forgets, when you bought a III Arms firearm, you sent your money to Jim Miller as Millerized, LLC, dba III Arms.  That is all I have to say on that matter until I am under oath. So, that's one of the reasons Jim Miller is now behaving as you see him on the blogs. He's waiting for that inevitable knock on his front door...

I also thought JC Dodge was solid.  Mea culpa #2.  JC self-identifies as LEO (though real LEO probably don't see him as much more than a bus driver) and he blames me for 'outing him and placing his family in danger' by revealing his profession.  First - I told him to leave me alone, and he refused. Second - I don't see how I am responsible for the world knowing his profession when he posts his silly face online, with his name tag in view, and he wears the same face and name on his uniform at work.  Anyway, JC's behavior within the III Society, for which he was easily navigated toward the door, was unconscionable.  (Shhhh! Nobody tell him that his 'resignation' was orchestrated, he still thinks it was his idea.)  JC wanted to build a cadre of professional Trainers and give this cadre the III Society stamp of approval. Of course, his school was one of those he planned to have the III Society endorse.  But he was adamant that Mosby and Max Velocity not be included.  As President of the Society, I have certain obligations to the membership - and the Mission of the organization.  I also have a pretty solid sense of Right and Wrong, regardless of what you may read at Sipsey. Sorry folks, but that scheme was straight bullshit.  Most of you remember the dust-up in the weeks following at WRSA - you only saw the tip of the iceberg. There were provisional bylaws in place, and I was acting fully within my authority as President.  So, that's one of the reasons JC is now behaving as you see him on the blogs. By the way, it is my understanding that you can book JC almost any weekend and at a GREAT rate if your group needs 'Training' - as long as his two day job schedules don't conflict.

'Sam Culper' - I am often asked why I don't play any reindeer games with the guy who calls himself 'Sam Culper'.  The reasons are many, but for this post I'll only relate one interaction. Some of you will remember shortly after one of Brock's NC PatCons that my name started showing up at Guerrillamerica - always in a bad way.  Over the next several months, the attacks increased, spreading to the Guerrillamerica FB page and elsewhere. (most have been scrubbed from the net - he ain't THAT stupid.)  Then, about 2 weeks before Brock's next PatCon (I wasn't supposed to be there, but I announced I had a schedule open and would be there after all) I rec'd an email from 'Sam Culper' who copied one of the Elder Statesmen of the community on the email.  "Sam Culper" explained that he had been unaware of all the anti-K stuff that was being published at Guerrillamerica, the Guerrillamerica FB page and elsewhere, under his name.  He went on to explain that several people write under the 'Sam Culper' name, and it was one of his team that was writing all the anti-K stuff - not him.

I shit thee not, that is what the man wrote to me in email, with a reliable witness.

So I was forced to conclude that 'Sam Culper' was either a liar OR the WORST FUCKING INTELLIGENCE analyst on the face of the planet, because for months someone had been writing on HIS blogs/FB, under HIS name, and he 'knew nothing about it'.  Boy, if that doesn't define 'Military Intelligence' - I don't know what does...

This is the primary group working overtime to spread the current anti-K garbage, except for Kenny/Wirecutter.  We'll forget the fact that he had no problem taking my money when he asked for help just a few months ago, and that the internet is full of his praise for me and the projects we've accomplished.  He's been in rough financial shape for years, which he openly shared on his blog.  Here's where the worm turned, apparently - after years of writing about the losers and genetic waste that make up the Free Shit Army, Kenny joined up.  Can you imagine having to look in the mirror every morning, knowing that you are now one of the parasites you so often condemn?  This also explains his sudden warm & fuzzies with that other great III Parasite, Red Mikey.  But you already connected those dots.

Now add this weight to the mental turmoil in his mind: You may or may not remember that Kenny stopped posting pics of Milfy/Camel Toe/Titty Tuesday stuff for a few weeks.  He told me (yes, of course I still have the email) that he did so because he knew it was hurting his wife.  Within 2 weeks he was complaining about the hit he took in stats - and suddenly, Milfy Mondays returned, and ads began popping on his screen.  You see, you can't sell ads without visitors - and Kenny only knows 2 ways of getting visitors.  First - humiliate his wife with T&A, and second (as he recently admitted, I understand) bashing K.  One of his highest-ranking posts ever, hm?  Hell, Red Mikey has done it for years when he needed a stats spike.  So Kenny decided to play the same game.  

Folks - being III is about Principle.

When you have none, it shows, eventually.  One way or another, you reveal yourself to the world.

Red Mike, JC, Kenny, Miller, Culper, even their ginger cheerleader who shows her boobs to the world for stats - it all comes out eventually.

And while they play their games - Kerodin and his allies continue the grind.  The TOC is staged and ready to roll east.  TOC II is in the works.  People continue to buy homes in this AO. PatCons are held here with great results. III Arms continues to get product to market. Despite the recent knuckledraggin' silliness, we've had a net gain again this month in III Society memberships (Thanks, Kenny!)  The III made it to the radio, with the help of Russ Longcore and several others.  We've published books.  We've published newspapers.  We do Local, local, local that never makes it to the blog.  We've made it to Drudge and Beck. We've run no fewer than 3 Morale Ops getting stickers in places like .Gov sites. Every event I attend, I find people wearing III Gear.  Holly and I have traveled the country training Patriots, meeting people, and helping demonstrate the III is more than a bunch of 'Not One More Inch' blowhards who surrender their pistol to the nice police officer when asked. III Comms is weeks from unveiling a new widget for Comms security.  The Jedburgh Academy is a reality - a cadre of real Professional Trainers working together to bring skills to Patriots. There is much more, most of which has never been made public, all accomplished by people who choose to work with me and H.  

And here's a fact that will eat my haters alive: Not one person has ever taken a dime in salary from ANY III Project associated with me.  I work daily, training Combatives. H and I are a 1 vehicle household, and that vehicle is 20 years old.  We live in a humble fixer-upper in the place we told the III Community we intended to move. (And I still haven't had the chance to paint our little cottage since arriving.)

Being III is about Principle.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Do what you say you are going to do.

The rest is just noise - the noise made by Life's Losers who know only how to destroy, not build or succeed.



  1. Ouch! That's going to leave a mark. ;)

  2. Transparency I love it...Fuckem its ironic that they(his readers) will send money to support someone who made bad life choices but ask them to support a III project and they whine about sending money and complain that donations are asked for...I'm sorry folks but if you don't think it's going to take money to get any III projects going then you are removed from reality and really shouldn't call yourselves a Patriot...Sad that people are so easily fooled by people they haven't even met but will take their word and treat it as gospel truth and jump in on the bashing...Sad that Kenny has chosen that path and all I gotta say is Karma's a bitch...I have to say at least JC learned something from his time in gov. service and that is monopolies do make a lot more money than when you have to compete in the marketplace...The only fault I can see with K is that he trusted people to have common decency and the same dedication to Liberty as he did and it bit him in the ass...Which is a fault of mine also...;)

    1. It's like watching middle school kids jump all over the kids who aren't in the right clique-and that's about the intelligence level displayed.
      How many times are these same guys going to start the same old bullshit?
      Last year's drama on WRSA wasn't enough? They want to repeat it this year?
      Then there's SFC Barry and his crap-every couple of months,it's a different version of everyone in the III/Patriot/Prepper movement,or in any "militia"group is a bunch of losers who will never be able to defend ourselves,etc.,etc.
      Barry raises some valid points-but he always does so in a way that it causes a bunch of bullshit.
      None of us need this crap,many,if not most of us are working on projects that will benefit everyone in the community.
      The projects will speak for themselves,as will the classes offered at the Jedburgh Academy.
      Maybe then,when people have taken a few of the classes,and see the results of some of the projects-this garbage will cease.
      It's annoying,it's childish,it does nothing to help the community,and it's a distraction for those of us working on projects that will benefit all of us.
      It seems it's okay for others to charge for their classes/schools-without going through a bunch of bullshit-but when K puts together a network of trainers-it just has to be a scam-what kind of shit is that?
      If/when I offer a class-it ain't gonna be free-it will be affordable,but I can't spend a week or so of my time and effort to put together a class,then offer it free of charge.
      Every one of us who has a skill that others need to learn have spent years gaining the knowledge and expertise we have in the subject-I'll gladly give some of it away for free,but when it comes to offering classes-every one of us who offers a class has to charge for it.
      I don't see anyone else putting together a network of trainers.

    2. Nope they just want to bitch and be childish and do nothing unless it glorifies them or makes them a buck...Who cares about helping others or establishing a network of trainers they just want to tear down and belittle others...Satan's Helpers...

    3. The bitching will never cease until they kill the III - I have become convinced there is a concerted, well-financed effort to try and diminish the Brand. We've had plenty of successes - more will only bring more heat and hate.

      An aside: I rec'd an email stating that JC takes the position I was acting beyond my authority within the Society to appoint Advisors. He's a flippin' idiot - the bylaws to which he agreed gave me specific authority to do so. Those same bylaws specifically banned him from his secret little 'Training Scheme' by not looping in the President - whoever that President may be.

      This is inside baseball stuff and the bigger point is this: Truth and facts do not matter to these people. The III is infested with Free Shit Army and racists, anti-Semites and misogynists. What you and I do about that will determine if the III survives or not.

  3. If you don't like the ship's course, destination and captain, best stay ashore, board another vessel, or build your own damn boat.

  4. Sort of lends credence to the Chinese curse of living in interesting times... and the old saw about living in glass houses and etc... hopefully sometime soon, the episodes of "As the Patriot turns" will end. And then the focus can be on the issues that face us, rather than what divides us, and promotes the 'laughingstock' label that keeps the message from being taken seriously. Might be a good idea to keep in mind the fact that a large percentage of the population is deceived, unaware, uncaring - and does not 'recall' - due to youth, inexperience, or failing memory - what it was to be a citizen of this nation decades ago... before - on our watch - we let these users into the seat of power.Be blessed,and watch your six... Grandpa sends

    1. ;-) As The Patriot Turns, now, that is is just hilarious! Anyone need a name for a new blog, lol?

    2. Most of the time the "community" is like a soap opera.
      But in this instance it's more like a sit-com. How about III's Company? ;-)

  5. What gets me is kenny talks about his dope smoking,(not that its wrong or I even give a shit) shooting and building guns in the same post. That's REAL bad decision making right there. jc and dtg seem to have a superiority complex going on. "I'm better than you" BS. Maybe so, maybe not. But I do know that nobody is bulletproof... I hate to see things breaking down as they are -yet again. Fucking murikins.

  6. As an addendum from my significantly darker side... some of us - and those who know me know who we are - are serious about this 'restoration of rightful liberty' idea, that so many talk about. That said, those who don't promote that seriousness, or even worse; create the atmosphere that ruins the seriousness of this message.... are not our brothers. As I shared with Lineman, if they are by my shoulder at the start; and I cannot trust them due to their duplicity and connivance... the opfor should not concern them... because if I can't trust you, I shoot you first. That is actually better than cowards and traitors deserve. stormfriend sends...

  7. As I said yesterday-

    "I'm still working on III Society/Jedburgh projects with both Holly and K-and I'm sure as hell not gonna back out on people I promised I would do something for or with."

    Let's get the bullshit out of the way,and get back to getting shit done.

  8. "- for the good of the community. This was a mistake..."

    Ahem. Gee, maybe this kinda explains why Capitalism beats Communism every time, and handily.

    The missing link is ethical...nothing changes until so-called tough guys distinguish the good from the bad. Capitalism is about doing things for oneself. Yes, it's NECESSARY to help others in order to succeed; can't have a business without a customer, after all. That's why the community benefits big-time when people are motivated by their own self-interest and values. This is easily demonstrable and is why nothing has gotten better for the Good Guys, in spite of nearly everything going their way.

    BUT, it's philosophy. Reject philosophy and you reject victory. Those who continue to fight against the Self, are fighting for defeat. None of it is rocket science---the Self is the only thing that can experience victory in the first place.

    1. JK, there are some things we disagree on, but this is definitely *not* one of them. As I wrote back in 2011 -
      Only the individual can appreciate and pursue liberty; only the individual can experience justice or suffer injustice; only the individual possesses the power to choose and act in the real-time/real-world environment of life, towards success or failure.

      Where life itself is an ongoing concern of the individual who has developed and continues to practice said choices successfully, there is liberty.

      Where life is an ongoing battle of the individual to mitigate the efforts of others to subvert and control the individual, there is tyranny.

      Liberty admits only free men, and these only with their active consent – a free man is also free to enter bondage, if that is his choice; but he may recant, and reclaim his liberty, should he so desire, and be committed to such a course thereafter.
      A free man is born into dignity, and should he live a dignified life, his dignity is also his reward, even in death…

      Collectivism does not admit any; rather, it demands that all be enrolled regardless of their will, and has as a core value that there should be no free choice anywhere – even outside the collective; no man, once enrolled by the collective, may recant his entry thereto, for the collective releases those who dissent only by death. Even death is denied it’s dignity by the collective…
      My position is simple - I avoid this testosterone-pit BS like the plague that it is. As Grampa, Lineman, Miss Violet, and many other friends have already stated - like us K and H are doing the work. We recognize in each other the commitment and sacrifice towards a shared belief. For us, that is what matters, and that is why we call each other friends. Period.

      I know where I stand. So, do K and H, and all those I call friends. Mall ninjas and keyboard commandos who out themselves without provocation are never going to appreciate what we have amongst us, because they don't do the things necessary to earn such trust.

      "By their fruits shall ye know them." For me, that says it all.

    2. "By their fruits shall ye know them."

      I like it! "We are what we do, not what we say we do."

      So hopefully you'll understand why your frequent words of rational philosophy ring a bit hollow to a guy whom you publicly pegged as an "Enemy of Liberty" on this very blog, a blog which has grappled over the years with the question of whether or not all "enemies of liberty" need to be extirpated.

      Don't get me wrong, I don't give a shit myself. I've been called worse and obviously I'm not one who's very concerned with what others think about me. Plus, even if there were something you actually intended to do about it, you'd have to get in line.

      Thing is, stuff like that is not only distracting, but it leads otherwise good folk astray. See, you all are busy yapping about the differences between this clique and that. Me, I'm busy seeing the similarities. They're huge--not just between the cliques, but between all of FREEFOR and OPFOR itself--and they're going to spell defeat for the Good Guys, not to mention possible extinction for all of us.

      Courage takes many forms, and so does action. Each person has to choose his or her own way and in the end, the results will rest on the PRINCIPLES and GOALS that each person wants to achieve.

      Look...I told K that I wouldn't interject my philosophy if that's not what he wants, and so I haven't. I only chimed in here because I thought it was very relevant...to K, I mean. He did what he thought was "best for the community" and he realizes it was a mistake. IMO, for someone who wants to move forward and WIN, that particular inversion is very relevant. Yet even now, nearly everyone will fail to see the relevancy...or worse, rationalize why it isn't an inversion.

      Me, I'll go back to keeping my yap shut here and K can move on as he chooses. But like it or not, about 10,000 people A DAY are waking up to what this is really all about. Mark these words---what ends up finally happening will not depend on whether or not those masses choose to side with you or K or T or the Sergeant from the Middle Ages; it'll depend on whether or not you guys choose to side with them. I think most here will, but I'm known to be a poor guesser.

      The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism.

      It's gonna be one heckuva day when the thugs and collectivists of all stripes finally come to understand that "Individualism" does NOT mean "alone." I'm pretty sure that the look on their faces will be one of "stunned."

      Now you'll have to excuse me, cuz I'm gonna go read about how some two-bit thugs and collectivists think they're so much better than me. Maybe I'll just randomly click onto a site; that shouldn't be too tough to find these days.

  9. Support true liberty and freedom, everything else in due time will let you down. Most men can not live up to the reputation they set for themselves, let alone the reputation others set for them. With that being said, every man has a choose when it comes to leading/following, walk with them or aways from them. Everything else is a soap opera.

  10. PART 1: K, I've been a reader for years, though I almost never comment. I try to keep my intardnet footprint as small as possible. I've been stewing for days about this crap that's been going on against you, yet again. Looks like you've said your peace and put the matter behind you. So apologies in advance for piling on here, and while I'm not much for cussing *usually* I'm so disgusted by these people I'm gonna let lose a whole squadron of F bombs. Not one of these people has a single, fucking ounce of class. I'm about to unload and I don't think it'll fit in a single comment. But I hope it does.

    Michael Brian Vanderboegh (aka Mikey VanderBull at our house) FUCK YOU! If that Knuckledraggin' bottomfeeder, Kenny Lane, is the best you can score from this side of the Community, you can have him. You can both wrap yourselves in a commie flag and go all fag on each other.

    Kenny Lane, FUCK YOU! I once thought you were one of us, but you're living proof that a leopard can change its spots. (My apologies to leopards for the analogy.) Use to appreciate your sense of humor and was willing to overlook the rest. But, man, I feel sorry for your wife. If you think referring to her as "Miss" Lisa somehow makes up for the humiliation you put her through so you can get stats with T&A and close-up shots of vag, you're a fucking moron. You've showed yourself for the scum you are -- inside and out. And, Angel (now there's some irony for ya) I once saw real intelligence in you. What happened to you? The male attention-seeking behavior is demeaning. I'm going easy on you because you're obviously one "broken" chick. You're one of a handful of females in the Patriot community with a blog and you choose to use it for goofy shit and smut. I'm sure your papa (and I'm not referring to Kenny) is proud.

    JC Dodge, FUCK YOU! You're an insecure Max Velocity wannabe. "Real LEO" would consider you a bus driver, huh? Explains a lot. You showed yourself for the POS you are a long time ago when you went around the NC PatCon telling everybody and anybody who would listen to your demeaning stories and jokes intended to humiliate and poke fun at Mosby. True or not it was gossipy, unkind, and unprofessional. Didn't matter to you that your words could harm that man's ability to feed his family. (Pity that K didn't catch on to the real you then and there.)

    Sam Culper, or whatever the fuck your name is, FUCK YOU! Isn't 2 o'clock the usual time for your afternoon feeding and diaper change? Smart people have the ability to take something complicated and make it simple to understand. I used to try reading the shit you write. Now, when I see you linked at WRSA I can't even bring myself to click the link. And, "Crap on a cracker Batman!" did you REALLY make that claim to K about somebody else writing about him on YOUR blog & YOUR facebook page and you had no clue? What horse shit! (My apologies to horses.) Dude, ask JC if he can get you a job driving a bus, too, 'cause Intelligence ain't your bag.

    1. That asswipe culper tried fucking me out of my paid sub with his half-assed rag of a mag. Fucking loser gawd damned remf. I hope he chokes on his buddies dick and dies . I'm so tired of these scumbag american idiots, I feel the need to shit and vomit at the same time.

  11. PART 2:

    James Miller, DOUBLE FUCK YOU! I'm a founder. I could only scrape together $250, but I did it. What exactly did H & K do to you to make you quit? And I'm not talking about all the whiny bullshit you convinced yourself was true then shoved down Wirecutter's earhole to turn him against K. I mean, what actual bad thing did they do to you? All I ever saw K do was praise you and your work on his blog. I truly believe K & H were good friends to you and they trusted you. Did you think your woe-is-me verbal diarrhea of a resignation that nobody could fucking make heads or tails out of wouldn't get out? You sent it to people who had NOTHING to do with III Arms, remember? Real professional that was. Then H found it in her heart to send an email to us still praising you, giving you kudos, giving you the benefit of the doubt, and it seemed like forgiving you. How you treated those two was wrong and you fucking know it. Yet, there was never a peep from either one, so far as I know, about what an unprofessional shit you acted like when you resigned. But you're no stranger to "unprofessional" are you, Jim Miller? I'll never forget that company facebook interaction where you threatened to fuck some guy's grandmother and kill his cat. I bet K & H never even knew about that. And, dude, a Company facebook page ain't your fucking personal diary. Sorry your father died, but good God Almighty, that sorta thing belongs on a PERSONAL facebook page. But you wouldn't know who you are if you weren't a whiny litlle bitch. OMG, before attending one of the NC PatCon you actually wrote on the PatCon blog that you had to sell personal firearms to scrape together the money to make it there. Hint: "Real Men" don't like say things like that out loud, never mind post it on a blog. I guess you get your rocks off on pity. That's straight up bullshit dude. I'm glad III Arms is coming back. Bet you thought you killed the company. You had a real shot of making what you "said" was your dream come true, but you blew it, son. YOU blew it. Don't fucking blame anybody else for that. You musta hit a wall and realized you couldn't really make it work long-term so you jumped ship like a galley rat. (My apologies to galley rats.) You can brag all you want about that fancy CNC you bought with your retirement money. I know enough about pistols to realize that all you did was buy shit, put it together and paint it pretty. Wasn't that fancy CNC machine suppose to MAKE parts? I could never afford to buy your 1911, but I saw one. What the fuck was an STD - uhm STI -- frame doing on the pistol when you were supposedly making parts in your shop? I think it's best for everybody that you jumped ship early. You enjoyed a little star power there for a while, thanks to K's "cheerleading." How does absolute fucking obscurity taste nowadays? I bet it tastes likes Kenny's unwashed ass. Hope you're enjoying the company of your new best friends. Seems like hate for K chased by a healthy portion of envy and self-loathing is all that binds you shitheads together. You fucking deserve each other.

    K, I apologize for the language. But I've been fit to burst for days and had to get it out.

    1. Ho Re Sheet I could not have said it any better....that is going to definitely going to leave a huge red mark. Hey has che died yet? Heard something about a bad cancerous liver or something. Perhaps the cat man could donate part of a liver too.

      Just sayin.

    2. Fucking some guy's Grannie and killing the cat, cat man is full of surprises, seems to me he has been spending far toooooo much time over at the threeper porn sites. I also have to wonder how "I hold in my hand the finished Absolved book" blue haired readers will react to his new found friends and supporters, maybe old blue haired grannies like porn and smut too.

    3. Anon,

      Do us all a favor and comment more! That was awesome!

    4. Yea I would definitely second that...Comment more...You don't know what an encouragement it is to see more people out there who love Liberty and have a good head on their shoulders... We have a great group here and we love to hear from other Patriots...

    5. Anon-
      You really gotta comment here more often-that was outfuckingstanding.

  12. Mosby has more knowledge, experience, and class than all those losers you mentioned put together. The man doesn't talk smack- EVER. If that cockbreath'd jc dodge gossiped about him, then I must concur he's a real POS. So he's a wannabe tyrant thug who drives a bus? A 20 year E-6? I wish he could hear me LAUGHING right now.

  13. The news is out, the hippy and the female blogger, I really feel bad for the Mrs. Hippy, I have to wonder if she knows yet? After all it was fairly evident. I suppose you can't blame the hippy

  14. Hey, can you guys tell me what you really think? Jus' kidding.... fuckin' a; I thought I had a temper and a potty mouth! Keep on keeping on.... stormfriend out

  15. Grinning from ear to ear. ;-)

  16. B: (middleoftheright blog) I posted your first question and replied to it yesterday. You essentially asked the same question again. Go to the original, please.

  17. B: (middleoftheright blog) I posted your first question and replied to it yesterday. You essentially asked the same question again. Go to the original, please.

  18. Somehow missed the first reply:

    I posted this on that comment thread:

    Thank you. At least that is a statement.

    If I owe you an apology, then please accept it.

    The many projects you do, and the many items you promote (sometimes for others) often make it look like you are in a business....

    and yet we never hear what happens. Makes one wonder...

    You have made the statement, and I will take you at your word,

    1. B: We 'do' hear what happens. The III Society sends members to training, for instance. It is participating in a III National Tour this winter. It is helping Patriots network. III Arms is still up and running. The Citadel Project has evolved, and closed its doors to non-members. We've published books and newspapers. We've held PatCons. We've run radio ads.

      There is a LOT that happens.

  19. "look like you are in a business.... "

    LOL. I figure it'll be about fifty years until folk understand that all the problems go away if everything IS treated like a business! A business where theft ain't allowed, that is.

    Profit means benefit means happiness. That IS victory.

  20. I am so glad I am involved at the level I am - minimal.
    Granted, I do feel guilty for not being more sociable/training with more of you guys due to my job and how often I work for basically minimum wage.. (Not that I am bitching.. I lay in my own bed I make.)

    I am glad I haven't yet gotten as involved in the movement as some have.
    Shits frustrating to just watch/read what these dill-holes pull against the III movement as a whole, & K/Mrs.K and others that are sacrificing they're time and fortunes to advance the III idea.

    I myself have not put a whole lot of time into the movement other than my own projects. K often doesn't post them here which is understandable following the stigma behind what those projects are and what they can do (nothing illegal- Infact, by spring it's what I'll be doing for a living for farmers in my AO). I don't make a ton of money. More like minimum wage. the extra cash I have each week. I put it towards my own equipment.

    The one thing I don't do, is stir the fucking pot. These dickheads causing grief need to just go away. Jump off a bridge. Find a round room to cry in like the emo kids you are.

    Sure you apologize. Fine but it still pisses us off that you have asked questions against K in such a way to convey to other readers that some how you "caught" them doing something adverse to the III movement when there is nothing to "catch" them on. Why? Because they're not fucking doing anything wrong. - fuck!

    To the guys doing what they can like myself and the people getting the gears in motion to make the III thrive - Thank you. You deserve praise of the highest regard. I hope someday we meet when I can afford it.

    To the guys causing grief and mischief - Go shove some shit in your whistle and blow.

    p.s. K - stickers :)

    1. WIDissident if you're in Wi, email me at HKninetyone@iiipercent.com

  21. FSA is not about the people who take back whatever they have had stolen over the years - but taking one penny more than you 'contributed' is theft.


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