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Sunday, August 23, 2015

One of the biggest mistakes of my life...

...was listening to the 'Don't fight in public' crowd.

I've rec'd plenty of email over the last few days, so I have an idea of what is going on, who is saying what, et cetera, but I haven't gone to read specifics. I don't need to read people offering gratuitous assertions with no proof - not when I have facts and truth on my side.

So, beginning tomorrow, I'll give all of you the gritty details that I was encouraged to keep out of the public realm - you know, for the good of the community.

I'll tell you the details about Jim Miller, and JC Dodge, DTG, the guy you know as Culper, why Kenny is suddenly so anti-K (even after taking $ and trading nice-nice emails just a few months ago.)  And if they want to sue me - please, do.  I have facts.

In the meantime, ask yourself - why did this start immediately on the heels of the successful Idaho PatCon.  There are people who 'do' and people who fail - look at the collection of life failures lined up in anti-K mode right now - there's your answer.

In the meantime, here's another example of Patriot work getting done:


  1. I'll say the same thing I said on knuckledraggin-it ain't my fight,and I'll still read and post at both sites.
    My opinion is I think the III society is making the effort to get shit done,and shit is getting done.
    I sided with Max last year,because from what I saw posted on Max's site and at WRSA over that shit-Max was and is right.
    I don't care who is suing who,or who is having a hissy fit over what-it all detracts from getting shit done-and getting shit done is what is needed now.
    I saw a comment saying "I wont be attending any Jedburgh classes"
    Their loss from what I know of the courses offered or being discussed so far.
    When people have taken some of the courses,and post about what they learned-then people will see what the quality of the courses is.
    I'm working to help get the MKT project done-the III Society has helped out with that,by making a donation,and doing a post to spread the word.
    We need people to be working together,not working against each other.
    Keeping all the "gritty details"off of the intardnet for the good of the community was the right thing to do-at the time.
    If all this shit is now going public-let's get it over with so we can go back to getting shit done.

  2. Good.

    I have witnessed personally your and H's generosity with people to know it isn't an act, but genuine caring and concern for everyone who would associate with the III, and even those who don't claim to belong.

    You both have ALWAYS put Tribe before yourselves. You both are true leaders. I am honored to be your and Holly's friend and I will stand by you both.

    Continue to do what you do and let the vipers eat each other.

    Miss Violet

    1. Ditto to what MissV said.

      Make no mistake, this is ALL about the doers and the talkers. Show me ONE tangible thing that the anti-K's have done but whine. "WAAHHH, K's to smart and motivated. We all need to gang up and try and bring him down because that's so much easier than doing the hard work and sacrifice." K has set a standard so high that those losers could never attain so they resort to their only defense. Gang up and whine. Fuck them.

      I say FUCK the "community" and let them have it with both barrels K. I have no time for whiners and talkers. Get this over with and lets get some shit done.

  3. Looks like they need better security.

  4. I must be missing something, I try to steer clear of drama also. It detracts from the over all goal of any project

  5. I don't mean to be pissy, but frankly I'm quite angry that my friends have to defend their name and character over and over because immature cowards have nothing better to do with their lives than spew hate. Then to have anyone dare say that the Kerodins should rise above it for the community? That there shouldn't be any drama? Oh, fuck that! Why shouldn't they be able to defend themselves against false accusations and malcontents? If it were your name, I bet you'd take it to heart and there would be some drama.
    I personally think K and H should tell the III community to go take a flying fuck and just go find themselves some peace and quiet because there are very few out there who will stand up for them, despite everything they have tried to do for the community.

    To keep trying to make a difference in a cause you believe in, even though you are constantly being criticized takes a tremendous amount of courage and dedication. So if anyone wants to "stay above the fray" so you don't get your hands dirty, don't bother showing up when the SHTF because fair weather friends don't any have room at my shoulder.

    1. Miss V.

      It's a good thing that you're angry-
      this shit has been going on for over a year-as far as the III Percent Society is concerned.
      Yes,it was the best thing K could do to keep the drama private,and off the intardnet-as I said-at the time.
      Now,due to comments and accusations being made-it has to go public.
      Also as I said-let's just get this shit over with,and go back to getting shit done.
      Those of us who are getting shit done know we are getting shit done,the opinion of others doesn't matter in that dept,or shouldn't matter.
      I don't know everything that took place-but I noticed the others involved are all siding with each other.
      It's not about "staying above the fray" at least for me-I don't know all of what took place,nor do I care what took place a year ago,or years ago.
      I know what I "see" now-and that is the III Society getting shit done.
      In the end-that's what counts,isn't it?
      I don't see anyone else putting plans into action-getting shit done.
      K has tried-many times to get Patriots to work together-I see that,and I know that.
      I've only ever dealt with K and Holly by e-mail,and from what I can tell from that-both are good people,trying to get the III to grow,and both are more than willing to help others.
      I'm still working on III Society/Jedburgh projects with both Holly and K-and I'm sure as hell not gonna back out on people I promised I would do something for or with.
      If people have a problem with each other-they should deal with it face to face-or by private communication.
      In this case that can't be done-so let people who are undecided about the III Society,or Holly and K make their choices after this bullshit is over-then we can get back to getting shit done-which is what matters.
      Defending yourself against false accusations matters as well-so let's just get the bullshit out of the way,so we can go back to getting more shit done.
      What other group of people in the community is getting shit done that will benefit all of us,other than those involved in the Jedburgh project,or a few others who are III Society members who provide training and/or courses?
      Let the projects and results speak for themselves-get the drama/bullshit out of the way.

  6. K had me at the fact I don't see racial agendas pushed here. That is hard to find in the "movement". With that being said, always follow ideas of true liberty because men are simply that, men. I am not defending anybody, I am not aware of the drama, I have no opinion. Men are men, faults and all. Follow liberty, true and complete liberty, you'll never be let down.

  7. SO answer me a couple of questions:(please)

    How much money do you make of of all the III stuff you promote....and stuff like the "tactical" radios and such that you promoted. And how much did you make off of III arms. You blame others for the failures of things You proposed and promoted. Always.

    And following those questions. What, exactly, have you done (Either locally or nationally) with all the money you collect in "Memberships" Name some things. Something we can see and point to and touch/taste/smell/feel. How much do you skim off the top of those membership dues?

    Perhaps you have made no money, and I am doing you a disservice by asking. Perhaps you really were that stupid and had all those failures caused by incompetent underlings.....

    SO really, can you answer those questions? It'd go a long way towards restoring faith for guys like me....'cause most of what your enemies say is simply pointing out what the rest of us see....and wonder about already.

    1. B: You use the verb 'skim' which suggests you have already decided that I am guilty of something inappropriate. That is sad - because you don't have a single shred of proof for such a position. So I am not going to spend much time here or on comments like this one - because you suggest there are a lot of 'failures' and I don't see any. Every significant III Project which I helped start is still running, evolving and growing. More are in the pipeline. More are coming online over the next 90 days.

      I will reiterate this for you: Not one person involved with any III Project I have helped bring to life has earned a dime in salary. Period. I'll give you an example - the recent III Gear Morale Operation stickers net just over .02 per sticker in 'gross profit'. So the recent sticker campaigns have generated a surplus of about $100 (We've shipped about 5,000 stickers) - which is sitting in the III Gear bank account, waiting for the next project. I never made a dime from III Arms - that company was formed specifically to help finance the Citadel, details of which remain available to active members of that project. The only people you hear crying are those who couldn't get the job done. They have been replaced, and the jobs continue.

      If I wanted to earn a real living again, I would go back to the private security sector or re-open my HVAC shop - not sell patches and stickers for pennies over cost. My day job remains teaching Combatives. I'd prefer to continue helping my allies, of which there are many thousands every day who visit here, build the III into more than a whining corner of the internet.

      Ignore the buttsore, and the world gets pretty quiet.

    2. And, btw - I do not accept paid advertising on this site, either...

    3. B,

      Shouldn't you have asked these questions, and maybe in a more neutral way, before jumping on the Romper Room Kumbaya of knob polishing over at KD?

      You jumped on that bandwagon of chest thumping and rod shaking without hearing the other side of the story as did everyone else. What does that make you? Have you been personally injured by K?

      Would anyone like a Lemming in their water?


  8. Thank you. At least that is a statement.

    If I owe you an apology, then please accept it.

    The many projects you do, and the many items you promote (sometimes for others) oftem nake it look like you are in a business.

    and yet we never hear what happens. Makes one wonder...

    You have made the statement, and I will take you at your word,


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