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Friday, September 25, 2015

Acta non verba - In Pictures!

When serious III Patriots build a Team and work together for Rightful Liberty...

And that is how it is done.

More to come, Patriots...


  1. III stickers on a Kubota?

    That's hilarious!



    1. LMAO! That went way over your head. I think he is laughing at you, lol. A Japanese tractor with stickers look out.

    2. Ed: You really are one of the very special snowflakes.

      1) No shit he was trying to be sarcastic. It was a Fail. At least he's learned to keep his Sex Offender registration updated. But that is another story.

      2) You just created your 'Ed' profile just so you could post here under a name no one would recognize. You win the Biggest Balls on the Internet contest!

      3) You know nothing about tractors. There are no 'American Made' tractors anymore, even John Deere imports their engines. Kubota has among the biggest production investments in the industry/class in America. Implements and many other parts are made in Georgia and elsewhere.

      But we know you won't let facts get in the way of your feeble attempts at snark.

      By the way - what color is 'your' tractor? How many acres is 'your' safe place for your Tribe? How many of your Tribe can you feed? Hell, how big is your Tribe, cupcake?

      Run along now, Hobbyist.

  2. Nice machine. Ours should be here this week. :-)

  3. Kubota. Don't know exactly which one. I wasn't part of that procurement. But it's supposed to do everything. :-)

    1. Outstanding. The Kubota is solid and versatile. Glad to see Tribes are actually getting serious work accomplished and on the same general page.


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