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Monday, September 28, 2015

Blue Skies

The last few weeks have been busy and productive for the III - both for our local AO and for the national III projects in which we are involved.

Local:  The potluck over the weekend was outstanding.  A local Patriot and ally reached out to several Liberty groups in our AO and got us all under the same roof on Saturday. Progress was made - the first steps of coordinating an AO-wide network of cooperation have been taken.  

We've had the pleasure of having a wonderful III Patriot in town for the last 10 days or so, as he closed on his new home.  The group of Patriots migrating to this AO is impressive - as is the group of Patriots who have lived here all their lives... 

If you've been watching this blog, you know we are gearing up for our Fall Construction Phase I as discussed at PatCon.  Vaults and square range improvements are first on the list.  In-town the construction program on the workshop begins late this week.  You've seen some of the capital assets we've had delivered - more in the queue.  There is much to accomplish before the first snow hits!

It is amazing what can be accomplished when you have a competent, motivated Team of Patriots all working together to pull the rope.  As you build your Team - whether Local or National, choose your allies carefully.  I can attest that permitting even one bad apple/quitter/provocateur into your projects can cause headaches.  But such mistakes are not fatal - just maneuver them from your sphere, and get your project back on track.  III Arms, III Society, et cetera all prove you can withstand Bad People, if your project is sound. 

The next two weeks will be just as busy.  Beginning today we have discussions regarding the Jedburgh Academy scheduled, legal paperwork regarding several projects that must be set in motion, construction oversight, inventories to build, and much more.  Several local Patriots are launching new businesses.  We all have full plates.

Get to work, folks.  Tempus fugit...

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