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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Acta non Verba

There are Teams of III Patriots across America - online and offline.

Some are serious.  Most are not.

Some build and create.  Some seek only to destroy and divide.

Some have tangible results.  Most do not.

Some of us are building Teams of productive and serious Patriots - Patriots who build things, grow things, create things, and support one another.  Some, do not.

Choose wisely.  

This ain't no f'n game.

More to follow.


  1. CNC machines per chance ?

  2. Small, BUT in existence.

  3. Yup, love having the skills I do in the trade. I plan to build something I saw earlier today, a custom upper for an AR lower that is full auto, belt fed, 12ga mayhem. Fun times :)

  4. http://youtu.be/iX7vwivR6cE

    I mean, would this not be a blast to shoot?

  5. Your con is over. SWATing the dipshit in key west ended your credibility. Time for you to move on Crisco. Or don't and wind up back inside bent over a bunk. Your move punk. Or maybe you liked getting ass reamed the last time you went inside? Or do you think that you have Witness protection in your worthless future? Ether way the game is over for you little cockroach, Time to scurry off; If you still can.

    1. Really, Anon - you don't even have the balls to sign your SCREEN NAME, much less your real name?

      I assume you are talking about Mark D. Firestone in Key West? Uh, yeah, I sent a letter to the Sheriff (A legitimate authority) after the PoS Firestone pulled his garbage, involved my wife, made numerous references to his firearms, and refused, on MANY, MANY occasions to meet me on any street corner of his choice.

      When a punk makes what you determine to be credible threats and plays the coward by hiding online and refusing to meet you like a man, you have a few choices.

      When little bitches choose to try and hide within the system while attempting to hurt you, the system becomes a legitimate recourse. Lawyers. LEO. Personnel Offices. Inspectors' General. The list goes on.

      That's a lesson everyone should comprehend. Sadly, far too many people who self-identify as III are just plain fucking cowards, who then whine and cry when the bill comes due...

    2. Here..Here!!!! Hey I heard someones liver is ate up. Just a matter of time now, I have to wonder just how big of a party will be thrown? Fug em all Sam...stand your ground and continue to feed shit to the bottom feeding retards.

    3. Isn't it amazing how a man can claim to be III, then french kiss ol' Cancer-Bag right up the no-no?

      I can't even begin to comprehend the mind that would do such a thing in such a pathetic and obvious play for Red Mike's stats once he becomes a Good Commie.

      What a sad, sad life that must be...

    4. "Cancer Bag" HA...how about Colonoscopy Bag" I really feel sorry for his wife and kids, it's a shame really....to have a father and husband who refused to work for a living and to know the family name and crest will always have an *. Soon he will be begging for money for his own funeral....of course he will offer a praxis or two, and as those that live in glass adobe's claim you never finish anything. ....how about absolved or taking down holder or taking down the clintons, the list is very, very long

    5. So people are yapping that I don't 'finish' tasks? That's just funny. I could do a list, but I refuse to toot my horn that way - much too Vanderboeghian.

      I'll offer two - PatCons. Brock has done more than any of us. CA has hosted at least one yapfest, and has another on the books. Bill Nye kicked off the entire concept. TL hosted Mercer and another gig in DC. Just on the topic of PatCons, I wonder how many the little ankle-biters of the III Free Shit Army have hosted.

      Or we could talk about training. We could count either the raw numbers of Patriots trained, or number of classes, or cities in which classes were held. But, no. I shant. ;)

  6. I say that the problem is the system. The system is made up of people. That might point to the real problem. Regardless, I don't advocate using the system for anything, unless not using will result in your kidnapping and further imprisonment, like paying a tax bill (extortion racket) or you kill someone in self defense (and you gotta call someone at the very least.) With that said, asking the system for assistance is simply furthering our own enslavement, it's a tough world, but begging our slave masters is not the answer I envision. I am the anon who posted first on this post, and I don't see the point in the other anon posting the way that they do, but I do think we should be free to speak as we please, even if it's a bit rough around the edges.

    1. 'The system' is nothing but a collection of individuals working in concert. If one chooses to hide among those individuals, using the mechanisms of 'The System' to do Bad Things, then recourse through the system is legit. Especially when those people lack the courage to meet you outside the system.

    2. Camel Toe fell off the wagon.....think about it.

    3. Camel Toe fell off the wagon.....think about it.

      I have rec'd many such comments from allies and friends who are watching. "Unstable" and 'unhinged' and 'dangerously obsessed' have been suggested.

      Just say no, folks. If your wife takes Oxy and/or morphine and you have a problem with such temptations, seek help. Really.

      Have a nice day. :)

    4. Irrational and extreme obsession come to mind. Maybe he is seeking love from MBV supporters in hopes of becoming their supreme leader in the near future. Or perhaps he is working for the Feds to stir things up?

      One thing is for sure, showing a private email to the public like that, regardless of how one feels about the person that sent it in confidence, says a lot about his character.

      Any of you lemmings out there feel like sending Kenny private emails now that you know he'll use them against you if you piss him off?


  7. This "system" sounds like a collection of individuals that some how have endowed themselves with powers that the rest of us don't have. How can someone have "rights" you don't have your self ? This "system" is nothing more than a slave trade, where those in certain aspects of the "system" are immune, and are not bound by the same restrictions as the rest of us. If individuals want to contract with any "system", more power to them, but because a group over there consents does not mean that everyone is contracted into this "system." It's slavery pure in simple, when A. your contracted against your will, B. when this contract is enforced against your will and consent, and you have no "right" to defend your self against this initiation of violence and aggression. SLAVERY, pure and simple.

    My advice, when some nut job is really threatening you or your family in real life, act in self defense, 2 in the chest 1 in the head. Asking our masters, (begging) for some type of help will usually only make things worse. They sure as heck are not gonna help you and your family against some nut job. We all have our beliefs, mine clearly tells me to stay away from any instrument of our slavery when I can help it. It's a tough question though, and one only the individual can answer.

    1. My advice, when some nut job is really threatening you or your family in real life, act in self defense, 2 in the chest 1 in the head.

      That's a wonderful concept. Now apply reality to this specific event. This was a public event, well-cataloged by the Internet and at least 50,000 different blog watchers. Despite all his verbosity - he refused to meet me both publicly and privately to handle it like a man, while escalating his rhetoric and growing increasingly belligerent.

      Given the level of attention I receive, such a direct action as you propose would have been 'almost' impossible to pull off without catching a case. I have no intention of catching a case for The Stupid.

      Asking our masters, (begging) for some type of help will usually only make things worse. They sure as heck are not gonna help you and your family against some nut job.

      But, you are mistaken. One letter to a legitimate Authority, and the threat I felt toward my family was off the table.

  8. I am happy to hear that the threat is off the table, but I will not consider any part of the "government" to be a "legitimate authority." Hopefully calmer waters will continue to prevail at your table, until red dawn ( or whatever event it unfolds as) arrives !


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