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Monday, September 21, 2015

Handling SJWs & Alinsky-esque Useful Idiots

Whether you survive the attempted purge or whether you don't, it's very important to observe who has defined himself as an ally, an enemy, or a neutral party during the process. The choices people make will pleasantly surprise you about as often as they disappoint you. Once everyone's choices have been made clear, your task is simple. Target the enemy at every opportunity. Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them. Be ruthless and show them absolutely no mercy. This is not the time for Christian forgiveness because these are people who have not repented, these are people who are trying to destroy you and are quite willing to harm your family and your children in the process. Take them down and take them out without hesitation.

From Vox - here.  I commend it to you all.

IFF folks...

**UPDATE** Fran Porretto chimes in, here.

Heh - Never Apologize.  Never Explain.

(I'd apologize if I was ever wrong...  ;)

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