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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kim Davis

Can someone please point me to the bloggers who took point for the III to establish a contingent of at least a few III Patriots at the Kim Davis vigils and rallies in Kentucky?

I know I probably just missed it because I took a few days away from the blogs, knowing everything in the III world was in such capable and proactive hands, but I can't seem to find much.

Curious, that...

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  1. Much easier to argue the merits of anarchy, the stupidity of militias, those evil Joos, The lazy blacks and oh, yes, the Kerodins. Don't forget the Kerodins.

    It's much harder to try and understand why locking that woman up was wrong on several levels based on our country's founding documents, culture, traditions and history. Harder still is to put one's life on the line for something not very well understood.

    And therein may lie the rub. ;-)


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