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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

By the numbers - 1.8:1

A nation filled with 318,000,000 people is managed, day-to-day, by just over 7% of their Countrymen.  That 7% represents all those people who take taxpayer dollars while officially working for .Gov to ensure the mechanism of government grinds forward, enforcing the laws, regulations, rules and diktats of a much smaller subset of people.

Of 318,000,000 people, roughly .6% carry badges and firearms, and have the powers of arrest, to be the enforcement arm of the 7%.  The LEO number is misleading in that of those .6% most are bureaucratic in nature.

A very tiny subset of all Americans has managed to work across generations to impose their will on 318,000,000 Countrymen - with fewer than 1 million willing to point a weapon at you.

Look around you.  Of the 7% who work for .Gov - how many are morally entitled to the paychecks they earn?. Now factor this into your matrix: Of that 7%, how many go to work every single day and in the course of their 'job description', take an act that in some way infringes your Natural Rights and helps destroy our economy or corrupt our children?

As a whole, the American population lost about 2% during the Civil War.

7% - it's just a number.


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