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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Patriot Canteen

Help the guys get the Patriot Canteen operational - here.


  1. I really hope this gets done.
    Thanks to Miss Violet for the donation.
    The III Society,Miss Violet,and myself make up half the donations-the support from the community is pathetic.
    Some of us see the importance of this project,those who think they are going to live on MRE's,Mountain House,and beans n rice are going to be in for a big surprise when they discover that you can not survive on just those things.
    MRE's and all the "civilian" versions of them are for short term food-there's a reason the military has MKT's, and serves hot chow to front line troops-people can not live on MRE's for more than a few days.
    Just like people can not live on beans and rice alone for long.
    How does everyone plan on feeding their tribe?
    Do you have the knowledge,skills and ability to feed them with no electricity or gas?
    Do you have knowledge about food storage,prep,cooking,holding at the proper temperature until serving?
    What about sanitation?
    It ain't like cooking a holiday meal at your aunt Sally's house,or a BBQ for 20 people.

  2. You are welcome. I actually was thinking we needed something like that for our tribe, but being a western woman through and through, I was thinking along the lines of a chuckwagon. Which, granted, would not be as efficient as the Patriot Canteen, it could still get the job done with the right planning and people to run it.
    There isn't any support from the community because There. Is. No. Community. Unless you want to count the jackals that are continually circling.

    Local. Local. Local. Gather your Tribe and knit them together.

    1. There are other ways to set up a field kitchen.
      I'm working on putting all the info together now,It will be another month or so before I'll have the time to finish that project.
      When it's done,it will be made available to you via Holly.
      One of the ways of setting up a field kitchen is actually sort of like a chuck wagon.
      The problem with using a MKT in the mountain west is weight,unless you have a really heavy duty truck,you wouldn't be able to pull it up many of the mountains,even if you have a truck that's able to pull it-towing that much weight is hard on engines,transmissions and especially brakes. Unless you had the surplus 2 1/2 ton military truck-I wouldn't use a MKT in the western mountains.

      Sadly,you are right-there is no community,no one is willing to work together.


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