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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Local, local, local...

Sept. 19: Emergency Preparedness Conference.  9am at the firehouse.  At noon we change venues for the JJS Comms workshop.

Sept. 26: Liberty Potluck in Fernwood, Id.  Event begins at noon. Groups in attendance include the Republican Liberty Caucus, Sons of Liberty, III, Benewah County Constitutional Speakers Forum, John Birch Society, and more!  Bring a dish and join in the discussions. Contact K for more details.

MVT Training Calendar here.  How many people in your Tribe can you send to MVT? Even if you can't all make it from your Team, at least designate one person and send him for serious training that he can bring back to your CUTT.

Sept. 19-20 Riverton Wy: Sparks31 'Scanners, Security & Surveillance class.  For all our allies and members in the Carolinas - book a slot in the April 2016 class ASAP, before it fills up.  Details here.

September 30: NC PatCon - details here.  If you are east of the Mississippi, you should be there.  It's that simple.

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