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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5 Easy Steps for a Gun-Free America

That about sums it up...

Especially: [You'll need to] ...take guns, by force, from thousands, if not, millions of well-armed individuals. Many of whom would rather start a civil war than acquiesce.

I happen to know more than a few of that sort - the folks who would kill and/or die before bending knee.

Personally I would prefer the Tyrants just nut-up and make their move.  It'd all be sorted rather quickly, methinks.

Here's the piece.


  1. I have no idea how you could make a better video. :)

  2. The author is on the right track, but I would make one important distinction: If gun owners are being forced at gunpoint to surrender their weapons, it will not be the gun owners who started the civil war when and if they choose to fight back. That choice, with ALL of its implications, will have been made by those who pushed to disarm their fellow Americans in the first place, and the bloodshed that would follow is entirely on them, just as the intended victim of an armed robbery is not the cause of the violence he or she needs to use to survive the encounter. You cannot choose to enslave your fellow man, send armed raids to enforce that immoral and evil intent, and then blame the resulting war on the people you needlessly backed into a corner. The hundreds of thousands (or millions) of people who have refused to comply with “assault weapon” registration schemes and bans in numerous states in this country, becoming instant felons in the process, have made it quite clear by their patient refusal to “go along” with such creeping tyranny, that they do not seek violence (or they would already be shooting), but that mass refusal to shrink back in terror before the cowards who seek to disarm them should most certainly be seen as a warning that an important line has been crossed, and that following that up with violent enforcement would be a very bad idea. Any attempt at significant enforcement of such unconstitutional laws is likely to set off a firestorm that the wide-eyed idealists, also known as “useful idiots”, that our power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats con into supporting such unlawful plans, are incredibly poorly equipped to handle. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that both the evil and the naïve who push for ever-expanding government power won’t fully realize the error of their “reasoning” until it is far too late to put the genie of civil war back into the lamp.

    Only a mad man WANTS a civil war, but fools and people with malicious intent seem quite determined to find out how bad one could be by pushing us all into one. If it should come to that I’m quite certain that ALL of us will regret the outcome as no one will truly win.


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