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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Team BearDragon: Hunting Partners

The optics have now been dropped by Team BearDragon, as we counseled would happen. 

China is reportedly going to put boots on the ground in Syria in support of Russia. Regardless of the scope of their involvement, what matters is that they will participate so far from home.

So much for 'China has no aspirations beyond Asia.'

So much for 'Russia is no threat - they still move troops by train!'

The prudent Patriot will recognize that BearDragon has been escalating their cooperation on nearly every front.  Now they are openly going to fight shoulder-to-shoulder.  These recent steps have been nothing more than live-fire exercises to work out the kinks of their pact.

Their ultimate goal?  A world in which they do not have to fear a meddlesome America.

The goals of our own Traitorous Political/Bankster Class? To cover their theft of wealth from generations of people around the world, and to overtly join the world league of Marxists.

WWIII will get all parties where they wish to go.

Here's the piece.

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