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Friday, October 16, 2015

For anti-interventionists, Trump vs. Sanders is the ideal race.

PJB, here.


  1. Paranoid, violent scum with no capacity for self-criticism, nor compassion towards those they have declared the out group. How can we possibly trust you not to become the "Evil Ones" yourself, when you've declared yourselves so stridently and inflexible to be good by definition? Goodness is a process, a daily consequence of humility and sober self-examination; what you're describing is just esprit d'corps, and there is nothing about that which can not be practiced by villains.

    Go to hell and don't you goddamn presume to ever, ever, ever represent me.

    1. Lazlo - has anyone here ever taken the position they represent you?

    2. @Lazlo Toth

      that's a pretty passionate rebuttal lazlo, especially the part about "Goodness is a process, a daily consequence of humility and sober self-examination".

      question: are you the same lazlo toth who used to post at the wtcdemolition truther website run by a skeezy harvard staffer turned conman?

      one would like to think, with a rant like that, you were banned because you discovered espada's scams, like being a member of scholars for 911 truth, while pretending to object to the leader(fetzer).
      (espada is still a scholars member, check for yourself: ditto for ashley, tilton and keogh, all people he's supported indirectly while publicly "denouncing" them.(for instance he call tilton and keogh shills, but supports ae911truth knowing tilton and keoagh are part of it).

      the other possibility is you fell out because skeezy peeps do that after a while.

      these questions are, of course, only if you are indeed the same lazlo. just wondering why the change of mind.

      if not, nvd.

      moron espada


      (scroll down)


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