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Friday, October 16, 2015

UPDATE: DoJ/DHS/STASI - Hunting 'Domestic Extremists'


Do you understand the serious escalation of this move?

It is no longer an academic matter...


  1. I do understand the serious escalation of this move by our masters. The question for me, is do we understand how we got to this point in the first place ? I admit that it is a very complicated issue, but if we were to water it down to it's basic ingredients, it's fairly easy to figure out. Instead of allowing everyone to defend themselves and live as they see fit, we have allowed a small group of people to indoctrinate a larger minority of people into enforcing this nonsense, or supporting this non sense. If we didn't plant the seed in the first place, or dug it up and burned it, we wouldn't have this issue. I admit that there might be different issues now, but I would prefer a life where I am not demonized for simply wanting to be free from slavery. I am the bad American, because I don't believe others have a right to my property. I am a bad American because I believe individuals do not have a right to initiate violence against me. The DHS stasi is a symptom of a much larger and problematic disease. The disease is statist worship. The answer is the individual not being ruled with fear !

  2. Nope. It started much earlier than that. Specifically it was a dinner hosted by Thomas Jefferson for James Madison and Alexander Hamilton not long after the Constitution was ratified. It was at that dinner that a deal was made for the assumption of states war debts by the federal government in exchange for having the capitol of the United States located in Virginia.

    Assumption of states war debt by the federal government set a precedent that has continued up to today. Even more so since as secretary of the treasury, Hamilton had no intention of paying off the debt. His plan was to levy taxes, both direct and indirect, to pay only the interest each year. His belief being that citizens were loyal to those that paid them best. Hamilton was essentially a monarchist. While roundly ignored by the constitutional convention, Washington's choice to make him the first secretary of the treasury proved to be a disaster by allowing him to set up a system similar to the British monarchy.

    It was truly unfortunate that he did not die while leading the attack on that redoubt at Yorktown or that Burr hadn't got to him sooner. Wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have been paying for it ever since.

    However, after the next war... ;-)

  3. You said nope, earlier than that. How can that be ? The statist worship I am referring to is the constitution it self, and the articles of confederation before that. Both documents create a master race and a slave race. While the debt incurred by the federal government is a very valid point, one which many individuals have no understanding of, it is yet more symptom of the disease. The disease is government itself. With the creation of the articles of confederation, and before that the crowns rule in the colonies. The rule of rome, the greeks, egypt. It's an old playbook, that all starts with one small group giving themselves sovereign authority, and the rest of us slave status. I admit that the slavery we live under now is very sophisticated compared with a more brutal slavery, it is no less insidious. They have indoctrinated us to believe that we are free, so we choose are line of work and become even more productive than under direct brutal slavery. It's simply more wealth for the master to take from us slaves.

    So, after the next war...... Let's just imagine that all the real patriots free us from all this evil government tyranny, then what. Will we be free to live our lives without our property being stolen from us ? Just how free will we be ? My best guess is that the patriots that "free" us, will be the ones that turn around and make the new rules. After all, if they are able to take down the evil government, they will be the one's with all the firepower. History has taught us, that those who have the firepower are the ones who are truly sovereign. I am not interested in this government or the next one. I am only interested in living my life free of the initiation of violence. If someone does initiate violence on me or my property, then the only thing I am interested in is defending myself or property with as much force as needed, no matter if whoever is in charge says I have no right to defend myself against "certain" individuals. It's always illegal to defend yourself against master, no matter how patriotic that master may be.

    It is very easy and rational to see the debt issue as the point where the line was crossed, or a dozen other moments in time. The real line, EVERY TIME, is when a small group of individuals get together and write down royal decrees on paper, then get the masses to follow this master/slave dichotomy. Sometimes they use direct force to get you to along with the plan. Sometimes they sweet talk you with freedom and liberty. When someone gives themselves rights that you and I don't have, maybe that should be the signal that maybe we are not dealing with liberty and freedom. We all want to believe that the constitution is really great, but the truth is that it is nothing more than a service contract that is NULL and VOID. It's much easier to accept that the constitution is the answer, not that maybe the constitution and the government it magically authorizes is actually an evil disguised as a slice of good old apple pie.

  4. Nope. An anarchist I'm not. And I don't view the Constitution as a source of evil.

    Sure you're in the right place?

  5. What is the right place ?


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