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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Morning Brief

BEIJING (AP) — A U.S. Navy warship sailed past one of China's artificial islands in the South China Sea on Tuesday, in a challenge to Chinese sovereignty claims that drew an angry protest from Beijing, which said the move damaged U.S.-China relations and regional peace.

China's Foreign Ministry said authorities monitored and warned the USS Lassen as it entered what China claims as a 12-mile (21-kilometer) territorial limit around Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands archipelago, a group of reefs, islets, and atolls where the Philippines has competing claims.


In Washington, the administration is considering the option to move US boots on the ground closer to the fight in Syria - an action that sets the stage for US forces to become collateral damage when Vlad pounds ISIS.  Such an 'accident' could never result in US and Russians firing at one another...


3% of Idaho preps for another march to call for review of refugee programs in the state.


In Spokane, Anthony Bosworth was found guilty of 'Failure to Comply' in a FedGov court. He'll be sentenced 10 November.  This one wasn't hard to call.


Thought of the day: You have almost zero ability to control or influence the actions of others, except in limited cases of general or specific deterrence (never off the table).  You do You - and let the folks who will be on the menu of the First Wave of the Die-Off continue their march into insignificance.


  1. How do we affect change in the state of idaho ? We purchase permits from the government, then prance down the street in a perfectly legal way !

    1. The rattlesnake issues a warning.

      But I do get the point, and I have made it myself many times.

      Question: Is there any other place in America where III Patriots are showing pushback on Muslim immigration in this manner?

  2. I don't care about anyone crossing government boundaries. This is yet another false paradigm. The only boundary we should care about is the private property boundary. That's it. You know who tresspasses the most at that boundry, the damn government. If the government did not extort the individual at gun point, the incentive for most immigrants would dry up. Push the root of the problem not the symptom. It's simply divide and conquer when we push the muslim or mexican immigration. Our government is the one creating it all and making the incentive. No muslims, mexicans etc.. trespassing on my private property, just the damn government. By the way, look at the deed to your property, your name is under tenant, not owner. We don't own the property, the government does. We don't own our cars either, when we register them, it becomes the governments not some damn immigrants. When someone punches you in the balls and takes your property and gives it to someone over there, why don't you bring the fight to the guy who punched you in the balls and took your property ? If this 3 percenter business is going to be serious, we need to talk truth of what the issue is.


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