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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Morning Brief

The Great War To Cover Our Asses (WWIII) begins to put rubber on the road.  DoD is putting US .mil in Harm's Way of Vlad's bad boys.


San Francisco to video 2A purchases.  Consider linking those videos to Fusion Center databases...


Are you a 'Nativist'?


Fighting 'Firearm Prevalence'.


Institutionalizing the hunt for American 'Extremists'.


It is Wednesday, Patriots.  What are you going to do today to improve the odds for yourself, your family, your Tribe?

Acta non verba...


  1. What a fucking tragedy.
    All of you, even those of you I support
    and agree with, those who know
    what the hell they're doing, are dead last
    in the Freedom race.
    Moreover, all of you are clueless that you have
    been lapped into the next galaxy.
    Without question, all that has been accomplished
    is to redefine impotence and procrastination, morphing
    it into the epitome of the most intelligent proactive action.

    1. Agreed. The first Patriots to step forward will not face Harm from the front, but from the rear. We've seen it time and again.

  2. Today's events are the final
    inked signature, which confirms
    that only one option remains, doing
    anything else is a ridiculous waste
    of time.
    Moreover, an "athlete" who is dead
    last in the decathlon at the Special,
    Olympics, but thinks that continuing along the
    course is not a waste of time, is more
    honest and less deluded than all of
    "freefor" and the course it impotently
    continues traveling.


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