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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our Fathers Weep: It's the Constitution, Stupid!

Where this online journey began:

If you haven't read it - order here.

If you have read it - read it again and compare my positions then and now.  

Principles matter.


  1. You don't have to worry about Detroiters reading it...
    Detroit public schools: 93% not proficient in reading, 96% not proficient in math - another generation of Democrat voters! (all they need to know is what a "D" is so they can pull the straight ticket lever)


    As a side note, a record number of Americans have renounced their citizenship so far this year according to the IRS. And we're so free that there is a fee of $2,350 to renounce - can you believe that? What a bunch of arrogant pricks (.gov)!


    As a side note,

  2. it's a service contract, stupid !

    1. It's a compact - and it has been violated from essentially Day One.

    2. "It's a compact - and it has been violated from essentially Day One."

      If true, then that means it's never been an extant compact during your lifetime. That screams the question of why you would want to treat it as such then, not to mention what "restoration" of something you have no experience of--ever--might mean.

  3. If it's been violated since day one, it's null and void or like the doctors say D.O.A. or better yet, STILLBORN

  4. Even if it's "stillborn", it's still what most Americans believe they have standing in their favor (to whatever degree they believe they still have liberty or freedom). And the coming war is as much about 'beliefs' as it is about 'rights', 'priviledges', 'duties', and 'obligations'.

    It is far easier to rally people behind a banner which represents something they believe they *had* until it was taken away, than it is to convince people to fight for an idea which has never been successfully enacted...

    The collectivists are very good with the artistic mix of belief and reality. Our response needs to at least be be on-par with their attack, if we intend to prevail.

    If all we have to offer the unitiated is the unbuttered hardcake that every right is also an obligation, and ever priviledge is also a duty, then we're not going to get very far...


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