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Friday, October 30, 2015

Rolling Your Own

The future of the American firearms industry, at least for Patriots, is to be found in the build-it-yourself realm.

In places like Pakistan firearms are built with minimal tools and professionally manufactured supplies.  Here's a peek.  You will not find many CNC machines being used in the production of these weapons.

But we are not Pakistan - yet.  The average American does not need to build a 1911 frame or barrel from scratch.  But - he can.  FedGov laws still recognize your Right to build a firearm for yourself, without their intrusion.  No 4473.  State laws vary - but many Patriots anticipate a time in the near future when such laws will not apply.

For now you can buy parts that have been manufactured with excellent precision.  Soon - maybe not. 

Do your preps include a supply of 80% receivers and frames?  Have you acquired the tools and skills to finish them out?  Do you have a healthy supply room of slides and barrels and miscellaneous parts so you can stand up a re-supply effort when you can no longer order from Brownells?

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