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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Who wants it most...

"Each of those who volunteered for hazardous duty with OSS had his own reason for doing so. Those who responded to the Jedburgh recruiting drive often shared a common situation. Most of these men were anxious, almost desperate in some cases, for an opportunity to leave their present unit of assignment and make a move which would put them nearer the action. Some had bad experiences from which they wished to distance themselves. Many were simply willing to try anything to get into the war."

The average American who was chosen to participate in the Jedburgh Operation came from the Officer Corps.  Many had never been to jump school.  They got 3 jumps in and then were 'Qualified'.  Most were chosen because they spoke French, and because they were willing to accept the danger.

One of the primary Officers putting the Jedburgh Operation together for the Americans came from the Signal Corps.  They were a diverse group who had zero experience in 'Special Operations' and 'Commando Skills' - because such units did not exist in US .Mil at the time.  These guys helped create what we call 'Special Forces' - and they did it the cold, hard way - they just sucked it up and got it done.  Most were from the world we would call 'White Collar' today.  Imagine that.

Simple fact, boys & girls: If Liberty is to live in America, it will do so by the hard work of 'Amateurs' who come from all walks of life, roll up their sleeves, and get fucking dirty.  There is no infrastructure.  There is no medevac.  There is no air support or artillery.  There is no supply train to keep such men and women provisioned.  They'll wing it.  They'll get it done, or die trying.  They'll go to war with as much training as they can get from Max and Sparks and others like them, with the rifle and ammo they have on hand.

They'll do it Jedburgh style.  They'll enter the fray with a rifle, a combat pistol, a bit of ammo, a knife, and the inner grit to face whatever Evil is inbound.

They'll do it the same way the Colonials did it the first time.

They'll jump into the fight and kill or be killed.

Whichever side wants it most, will win.

The overwhelming majority of the people talking about how it can't be done, and how the Militia is incapable - are the same people who we'll have to consider exiling when the real work is done.  They'll be easy to find - hiding under their beds.

How bad do you want Liberty to prevail?  Are you willing to walk out of your home, right now, with nothing but your basic kit, go find something Evil, and kill it?

That's how it will happen.  Or won't...


  1. Ol Bosworth was taken amongst a crowd of his armed peers. No. One. Will. Do. Shit.

    1. ...and Bosworth himself was armed.

      I don't see much point in an armed protest if one is not willing to go hard.

      Just sayin'...

    2. Sad it is, when the so-called "leaders" of a patriot movement, fully informed by the conduct of their forefathers, and the consequences thereof, tuck tail and show belly so easily. Like a dog which cowers at the hand, even though it bears a bowl of food.

      ...may posterity forget that they were our countrymen.

  2. Bos was Sopsey's pal, no?

    1. Yep. In Bosworth's defense (snark) he simply followed the lead Red Mikey gave him. Remember when Mikey surrendered his 2A in a traffic stop?

      Not one more inch, don'cha'know.


      Camel Toe!

      All feathers on the same diseased bird.

  3. All the above I do wholeheartly agree with.

  4. How do I join this crew


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