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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Be the problem

Live in the real world - not Fantasyland.

Be prepared to challenge the Herd Mentality and use your own senses.

Do your own arithmetic and show your work to yourself.  Do your own fact-checking.  

Mindless Followers are useless to Liberty.



  1. Still have yet to see any concrete substance to the claims, rumors and slander...public or private. Seems odd, what also is very odd is how many times I have seen my name published in the last few months. I had no idea I had such a impact. Remember.....local,local,local. Also glad to see the Patcom spirit alive and well. Amazing phenomenon as of late. Redundancy. .....the entire community, yes I am aware you are aware. Sam just go buy a white pillow case and the flock will be appeased.

    Bill Nye

    1. They'll never have any proof, because there isn't any. But facts and reality are not the goal. They want a III without K - and that simply is not going to happen. Perhaps they should run along and start the 'IV'?

      I've seen your name pop-up, too. Interesting how long those small minds hold a grudge, huh? ;)

    2. The long knives have been brought out against the Kerodins. The "III establishment" has decreed that K be purged as a warning that if you are not part of the good old boys club you are to be silenced using the same techniques that the leftist commies have perfected.
      First, attack the person by making claims that leave them trying to prove a negative.
      Second, whip up the masses into a frenzy by declaring that all of the problems of the III/Patriot/Liberty are because of them, they are responsible for their troubles whatever those may be.
      It's a self reinforcing scheme. One or two small brush fires and pretty soon you have a conflagration. The problem with this technique is that once everything calms back down, who will be the next to be sacrificed. If you cannot have a strong Movement, the "appearance" of a strong Movement is the next best thing.

      BN, I have combed over every post, comment and attachment made by the group of accusers also, there is ONLY a regurgitation of the "Kerodin Myth" started by commie mike years ago. The accusers bear the burden of proof, not the Kerodins. But the Kerodins have been tried in the III court of public opinion and sentenced by the "III Elites".

      "Sam just go buy a white pillow case and the flock will be appeased." BN, That is F-ing hilarious! Not as funny as "red headed hoe" but still an instant classic. When will you start writing again?

    3. What amazes me, is when I am reading the rumors and the slander, that I see the names/handles of people with whom I have had/do have connections and conversations with. People, I obviously gave way more credit to their intelligence and sense of fair play, than they deserved.
      In the words of a Patriot and cherished friend:

      "My personal IFF list is getting long on the foe side ( I had to add my back yard neighbor to the list Sunday night."

      Yep, more names for the list. Such a pity when human intelligence is wasted. But then, some humans don't have the brains G*d gave a turnip.

      DISCLAIMER: That comment meant no disrespect to turnips in particular and root vegetables in general. I want to make it perfectly clear that I love all root vegetables. ESPECIALLY ROASTED.

      Damn, now I need a DISCLAIMER for my DISCLAIMER. Bad Miss Violet, B.A.D.

    4. Damn! I forgot my disclaimer.

      The opinions expressed in the preceding comment are strictly the authors. If you disagree, if they hurt your wittle feewings, go fuck yourself!

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

  2. I warned of a faction that had infiltrated a certain militia, it has grown. The hungry monkey played a role in this.

    1. Tom Baugh is still butt-sore from our interaction in Mercer - and that was years ago.

    2. Heh, I was down-wind of that conversation, and the smell of it still haunts me at times. ; P

      The way I figure it, K, there are really just two factions in play: those of us who take this shit dead serious, knowing that its gonna change (shorten) our lives - We're in it because we believe in moral absolutes.
      Then, there are those who enjoy feeding their sense of self-righteousness; chest beating and mock battles are their bread and butter, but when the real fight comes, they'll be out looking for their lost schnauser and sadly unavailable. In their old, age, however, they'll be happy to tell tall tales of their own gallantry and might, and "mourning" all of their dear departed friends (us) who gave their all for such a noble, but lost cause.

      And they wonder why we might harbor a little animosity against them?

    3. I put myself, and you, and very few others, in that 'serious' category.

      The real III is IFF'ing itself.

  3. Bahahaha....heavy on the Programming! ;-)


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