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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Think about it...

“Ok Pastor. President John Adams famously said ‘duty is ours but the results belong to God.’ What if Mr. Adams was right? What if God was only able to bless what we DID rather than what we prayed for Him to do? What if God would only do His part after we had done ours?”

“Your point?” he grunted. “Are you insinuating that prayer isn’t necessary?” Do you think that we can change things in this world without the help of God?”

“No, I don’t believe that. But what if God could not do what He wanted to do if we didn’t help Him out by doing all that we could do? 

Here is the rest.

Sadly, I think this will be lost on too many people...


  1. We always pray for the Lord to guide our feet, so that they may land where He wants us to go. We do not pray for the Lord to move our feet for us.

  2. GOD helps those who help themselves, Knock and the Door will be opened, BUT you have to walk thru the Door. That's my belief. Halfwolf said that

  3. I hear the lamest excuses from many Christians in regards to this topic. I don't need to prepare/train/do anything they say because the Lord will provide. Its truly a sad state as this seens to be the prevailing attitude for many Christians.

    1. Sadly, there are many, many Christians who observe a corrupt interpretation of the Word. Among the most common bastard beliefs of such hoodwinked Christians are -

      1. Pacifism:
      - Christians cannot employ violence, even as a Just defense
      - Every evil is a test of faith, for which the *only* necessary response is prayer
      - We do not have rights to property because 'everything belongs to God'
      Our Right to Life is only provisional, because 'everyone must die before they can obtain Heaven'

      2. Ecumenism -
      - All those who claim the name "Christian" are equally acceptable before God
      - All religions are equally "good", and should be treated with equal consideration in all aspects of society
      - There can be no Judgement of any groups particular beliefs and/or traditions until Christ returns

      3. Universalism -
      - All people are "good" by nature (and there is therefore no Judgement or Hell)
      - Only "conditions" imposed by society cause people to sin
      - "Heaven" is nothing but a state of perfection which will be achieved here on Earth


    2. aye, warned and most oblivious

    3. We are presently facing a remedial class in why Christ warned us that "none of this revelation is of any private interpretation" and that we should "sell our [beggars] cloak and buy a sword".

      Make popcorn, because you're about to witness a modern Battle of Lepanto throughout Europe.

      There are no "moderate muslims", just as there were no moderate Amalekites. In an existential battle, there is no such thing as "excessive force". Therefore, kill them all, saving none. Leave neither the youngest nor the oldest among them. For surely, this is what they intend for us...



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