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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syrians: Idaho and 25 other States say No!

Link is here.


  1. VA would be no if not for our "carpetbagging," Governor...

  2. @Unreformed - The patriots of VA and MD have, between them, a unique duty to discharge, when the time of correction comes upon us. Theirs is the job to cordon the contaminated area, and ensure that not a single body shall escape the sterilization which must come... and if your carpetbagging governor is among them, so much the better.

    Virginia has always been a Southern state; and no amout lickspittle applied to the federal orifice by a governor and his administration can abjure the honor nor compromise the strength of the good and sovereign citizens of she who is in fact, The First State in the New World.
    And there are many, many reinforcements ready to come to your aid, when the moment of victory arises - look to your south, and know that you have regiments at the ready in the Carolinas; and to your west, where West Virginia and Kentucky are anxous to assist you; and to your northwest, where the stout men of Pensylvania and Ohio stand in dignified readiness; and even to your north, where the good men of the Catskills, northern Apalachia, and the Green Mountains look for the opportunity to fulfill our common cause in Liberty.

    Carpetbaggers of every sort and variety ought to receive their just deserts, and the time for serving them up draws nigh...

    Keep your powder dry,
    and your eyes upon the horizon:
    One if by land, two if by sea.

  3. This is a bogus map. Just because you say no, it doesn't mean a thing. Hundreds are in Idaho already and being invited in by mayors. The Feds do what they want and if you resist, they murder you by ambush.


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