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Sunday, November 15, 2015

White Supremacists Plotting “Race War” Arrested in Va.

Here's the story.

It is relevant to the III and the Liberty Movement.  Provocateurs in our midst use the fallacies of division and composition effectively to keep Liberty Forces marginalized and dismissed by rational people.  Racism, defined as judging the individual based on the color of his skin rather than his behavior, demonstrates a fatal flaw in critical thinking - a flaw that simply can not be permitted within the Liberty Movement - especially by those who claim to be 'Leaders'.  

A major piece on this topic will be published soon - it has been in the works for a while.


  1. A flaw that cannot be permitted in the liberty movement. You mean peoples beliefs can't be permitted in the liberty movement ? Who gets to choose what is a flaw and what is not ? Who gets to allow or not allow others to have their own opinions ? Bunch of nonsense. I don't care what you believe. All that matters is that we defend ourselves against those who initiate violence against us. Less feely talky, more killing those who initiate violence.

    1. 1) Nobody is doing any killing.

      2) Each individual gets to choose what is a flaw and what is not - what he will tolerate and what he will not.

      3) The idiots who take decisions based on the color of someones skin are mentally defective AND NOT pursuing Rightful Liberty and are therefore not merely useless to Liberty Forces, but actively detrimental to the end goal.

      Not everyone who claims to be a Patriot is one. Not everyone who claims to seek Liberty is sincere or defining the term as do others. Not everyone who claims to be III - is.

    2. But that's the thing you have to understand your fighting so someone can keep the right to hate whether you agree or not. You're putting your emotions before the rights of others. I don't agree with killing everyone that disagree but if they're going to kill you and show no interest or signs of slowing then do it. But you cannot take away a right to love or hate at one disgression. You can however teach them that while they may hate keep it to yourself and move along. To deny them that right is denying freedom of thought.

    3. You misunderstand - I do not care if one hates or loves. To try an control such a thing would be to try and stop the tides with a stick.

      My position is simply that such mental 'tards do not get to join Liberty Forces at my shoulder, because 1) They are stupid and stupid people take stupid decisions and 2) They are not fighting for Rightful Liberty.

      They are free to think anything they wish, regardless of how stupid those thoughts may be.

    4. It's racists and racism that can not be permitted to be a part of the Liberty movement-racism is not compatible with rightful liberty.

  2. Clearly you don't support lethal self defense. Let me know how that works out.

    Does not matter what anyone believes. All that matters is that you respect individuals bodies and property, if you don't, you should get what's coming. Neighbor, addict, rapist, or government. It's all about self defense against someone initiating violence. THAT'S THE ALPHA AND OMEGA.

    I understand that some folks enjoy being coddled by their overseers when they have a little problem, but asking the police or allowing the police into any situation is the opposite of liberty and freedom. Giving people rights you do not have yourself is gosh darn stupid.

    There already is a lot of killing, because we allow it. Only one way to stop a psychopathic killer, and it ain't cardboard signs !

  3. To the Anon who suggested that Mister X is a skin head - agreed. There is overwhelming evidence to support that several of 'The Team' are White Supremacists.

  4. The three guys look like wusses who could not defend themselves in prison,so they joined up with whatever white supremacist group was active in the prison (s) they were in to get protection from the bigger stronger guys in the group.
    Happens in every state prison,and some fed prisons-but it's more prevalent in state prisons.

  5. Are "realists" racist? Plus, "racism" is a very Alinsky-esque term, that can be applied to anyone for anything.

    1. You missed my very articulate definition - perhaps by choice?

      Racism, defined as judging the individual based on the color of his skin rather than his behavior...

      The term 'racist' can not be applied to anyone for any reason - not in a world where Intellectual Honesty is part of the equation. Sadly - we don't live in such a world.

    2. " Sadly - we don't live in such a world."

      K, in my lifetime we never have had such a world to live in, and as I grow older (and perhaps wiser) I pass further into doubt that such a world ever existed.
      Every day bears new witness to the fact that the vast majority of people are far more concerned with opinions than with facts; with perception and feelings rather than reality and observation; with the benefit of their preferred few rather than that which is objectively good.

      Certainly, if such a world ever had life to call its own, it has been extinguished by the vast hordes of imbeciles, relentlessly pissing all over it for nothing more meaningful than their own petty amusement...

      Uasto mari urinam exaudirentur,
      nunqua supernatatur un malae valde ideum.

  6. That article was bullshit. Afro? ha! whatever....

  7. The whole point is this, the Constitution and bill of rights do not differentiate color regardless of the times they were written. All Men are created equal. I do not care what color the "MAN" at my right or left may be. If he hold these values to be self evident he is my brother. If he values these God given rights as I do he is my brother.


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