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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Serious III Saturday

The III Society, III Arms, III Gear, and other III Projects made tangible, real-world gains today.

Five members of our local Tribe came together to meet allies and potential allies.  III Arms gear was on display and well-received.  We met many people who had never heard of the III, and most of them walked away feeling a little less alone and isolated.

Several serious III Patriots traveled a thousand or so miles to meet us face-to-face, and tomorrow we will break bread with them.  They, too, are building local, local, local and making their AO safe for Liberty.

In coming months we will be in Region X, IX, VIII, VII, VI on behalf of the real III - the III that does more than talk.  The III Society will be broadcasting live from the Constitutional Carry rally in February from Boise, hosted by the very serious and effective Team at III Percent Idaho.  We'll be back in Sacramento very soon.  Laramie and Cheyenne in just a few months.  A bit of business will take us to Texas as well.

Patriots: Identify 2 serious fellow Patriots to build a Three-Man Team.  A CO, XO and Radioman.

More is better, but three will give you operational capabilities.

Then go to work.  This is YOUR country and culture to defend, or surrender.  The choice is yours.

Those serious Patriots who consider Kerodin to be an ally will never surrender.  We will never back up.  We will never be caught in the endless circle-jerking loop that has come to define the online Liberty Blogosphere.  We mean to save America - not jibber-jabber while Enemies of Liberty destroy us.

Today was a good day - with allies finally met, and new allies made.

Tomorrow will be another good day.

Serious III Patriots: Ignore the noise and continue doing the work worthy of John Parker.

There are many fake III Patriots - and they are easy to identify.  Their mouths are loud, their presence is non-existent...

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