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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Direct Action...

Over the last month I asked several Patriots who I consider serious a simple question: 'Is it time for Direct Action'?

First: There is no right or wrong answer.  We all exist on a spectrum based on our personal experiences and philosophies.

That said: One person said, essentially 'Let's go'.   Others were more restrained.  'More training is necessary'  "More consensus is required.'  

Personally, I think it is more pragmatic: If you have a well-trained 3-man team consisting of a CO, XO and Radioman, along with a serious plan with a realistic exit strategy, based on a moral defense of Western Culture, I have no problem with a Green Light.  If your Mission is in-line with Rightful Liberty, and defending that premise, I have no problem.  Better yet, you have an upline to which you report for coordination.  This allows for a higher level of coordination for the sake of the Mission.

War is upon us.  That is self-evident.  In a Leaderless Resistance movement such as the III, you are not waiting for a top-down C&C order.  How many Mumbai's or San Bernadinos must be endured before Self-Defense is justified?

The Three-Man Team is ideal: CO, XO, and Radioman.  Get in, get it done, exfil, report and then repeat when appropriate.  Choose your enemy cells wisely.

Western Culture is in the balance.

If you are a true American, you do not wait for Fox News to Green Light you.  You don't wait for me to Green Light you.

See the problem.  Fix it.

That is all.


  1. A true american ??? More interested in being a true sovereign individual than a Slave. Statism is a very dangerous and insidious religion. If we are going to really put our lives on the line, I would prefer to do it for a goal that might actually break free the chains of our slavery instead of fighting for a different slave master. SEMPER FI PATRIOTS !!!!

    Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

  2. This is the only link I
    bothered to post regarding the
    cardboard cutout 'mock
    mass shooting' protest
    by come and take it Texas
    and dontcomply.


  3. I think ANY action right now is well warranted. The noose is ever tightening BUT I also realize that the masses are really just now starting to open their sleepy eyes. Leadership and organization are the biggest deficiencies that we are facing right now. These awakening masses need to see and know that some of us have been preparing. With the Continental Founders they had leadership BOTH civilian and militarily in place before the first rounds were fired. How do we get a National level leadership model in place? That's the $52 question

  4. Uh huh, anyone advocating preemptive action is suspect as an agent provacateur. This site is on notice, III Percenters is on notice. Cease and desist. We know who you are.

    1. Really? John Parker advocated such action once - as did Patrick Henry and a few other folks. But don't worry about facts.

      But on to the most comical piece of your comment: An 'Anonymous' commentor on a blog who is too afraid to identify himself 'puts the III on notice' and warns that 'You know who we are?' Really? Srsly?

      EVERYONE KNOWS WHO I AM, you douche.

      You are a joke.

    2. K,
      He does but show you who he is...

      And so ought you to believe him, and his threats. As ought we all to take such things seriously - for we have entered the endgame, and those of evil persuasion shall not hold back, neither shall they delay further, for they have undertaken to prosecute the final battle, and so are we obliged to answer them.
      ...but those who stand firm unto the end shall be saved.



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