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Saturday, December 12, 2015

CO, XO, Comms

The Jedburgh Model worked.

Three man Teams.

A Commanding Officer.  An Executive Officer.  A Comms NCO.

I know for a fact most Patriots reading this blog can't put together a serious Buddy Team/Fire & Maneuver Team - much less a 4-man Fire Team.  So consider the tried and true Jedburgh Model of the Three Man Team.

Can you put together a Three Man Team - two officers and a Comms guy who is also tasked with recording the operation?

I bet you can - if you try.  If not, we have the connections and resources to help you assemble a local Team.

Training on this model will commence in the Spring of 2016.

We'll help you shape your Team, craft operational guidelines that are reasonable and achievable.

We'll help you take it to the next level.

No more San Bernadinos...

America and American culture is YOURS to defend - or surrender.

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  1. No more San Bernardinos, yes please stop with the hoaxes trying to rile everyone up. We aren't falling for it anymore, And definitely not going to create any teams for you. The feds have shown their hand with the Shuyler Barbeau incident and we know who the players are and their 'network'. They should be pissing their pants right about now, the dupes are becoming aware of the wolves in Sheepdogs clothing in their midst. It truely is going to be civil war.


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